McQUARRIE – Bringing home the ‘National Interest’ of pipelines

NDP's platform is to raise minimum wage and stop job-creating projects.

National interest? What about backyard interest?

LIKE YOU, I’ve heard most of the Trans Mountain Pipeline arguments from both sides.  I’ve watched and listen to the pre-sanitized sound bites from the politicians as well as corporate and environmental special interest groups.

mcquarriecolhednewAnd I’ve paid attention to the investment numbers, the job stats, the fossil fuel addiction numbers and the climate change forecasts.

However, last week Ottawa introduced a new and stark two-worded talking point and has been using it at every opportunity since.  Suddenly pipelines are, according to James Carr, Minister of Natural Resources Canada, in the National Interest.

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @mcrider1.

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2 Comments on McQUARRIE – Bringing home the ‘National Interest’ of pipelines

  1. Ken McClelland // December 21, 2016 at 7:53 AM // Reply

    From anecdotal and personal experience, Kinder Morgan/Trans Mountain is generally pretty responsible and fairly generous when it comes to compensation to folks whose property along the right-of-way is affected. Professor Hays’ situation is, I’m sure, disappointing and unfortunate. Equally unfortunate is the columnist’s willingness to flush the importance of the construction worker’s job down the drain. I’m pretty sure that job is important to that worker as a means to house, feed and clothe themselves and their family. Government institutions and their staff, including Instructors at TRU are very important, and valuable to our community. They are, however, not self-sustaining, and require large injections of “government money”. That money in part is generated by the income taxes that the private-enterprise construction workers will pay on the wages he or she earn building that pipeline. Some will also come through royalties and taxes paid on the products that will flow through that pipe. We need a thriving private sector to help fund the public sector that seems to grow at an almost exponential rate. Buried in the federal Carbon Tax proposal is talk of hundreds of new jobs in the compliance and enforcement division of this massive new and unnecessary bureaucracy. New Government jobs can not be included in job creation stats, as they do not make a net contribution to GDP. Since 2003, Ontario has lost 343,000 private-sector manufacturing jobs while hiring 368,000 government employees. Sorry, this can not be viewed as progress, and helps to explain Ontario’s massive debt. Let’s not go down that road.

  2. Off course the “national interest” could be everything else but a pipeline and all of its implications…take that money and build sustainability. But the “money barons” around the world wan to recoup their investments plus a few billions…who will stand in their way?

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