Letter – Staff at Royal Inland’s 6 South worked as a team of professionals

I have had the dubious experience of spending 40 days (as of Dec. 4, 2016) on 6 south, while recovering from stomach surgery (Rue En y procedure), performed by Dr. Barton and her staff. Having heard many stories about bad experiences at RIH, I was quite concerned as days turned into weeks for me, not knowing what to expect.

NDP cut beds at RIH and broke its promise on Interior cancer center.

Well, contrary to popular belief, the staff, including NURSES, STUDENTS, DOCTORS, FOOD STAFF, CLEANING STAFF, AND CARE AIDS, all of them , worked as a team of professionals while looking after me and others in my recovery. If my nurse was busy, or behind schedule, there was another team member ready to step up and do whatever was required to get the job done.

In my estimation, these teams of dedicated individuals are the unsung heroes of our society, caring for people who are usually at their worst as far as attitude and disposition due to pain or illness.

THANK YOU ladies and gentlemen, for your dedication and care while I was on 6 south. May the music of the season echo in your hearts and bring you joy, and the best of everything – love, health, and happiness in 2017.






  1. I was on 3 West for five months and everyone was wonderful .Except for head of Physio ,he said I missed my physio because of different reasons then mine. One day I missed because of diarrhea, another was not feeling well had not slept next day they put me on antibiotics for bladder infection. But in the five months they helped me when I got depressed for being in so long,so many things I can’t even name. They try so hard they are terribly understaffed. Alot of times I had to wait along time to use bed pan ,I was unable to walk ,and sometimes I had to wait quite awhile to get off of the bed pan.That was my biggest complaint.

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