ROTHENBURGER- City Hall is a very intriguing place these days

Will we ever get a new City Hall? (Daily News photo)

Intriguing times at the council table.

AND PEOPLE SAY local politics is dull.

I say, Pshaw. (Now there’s a word that should come back in style.)

melcolhed-sep2016At any rate, City Hall is a busy place. Mayor Peter Milobar has removed himself from the Industrial Tax Base Task Force, one of whose jobs is to negotiate the community compensation agreement with Ajax.

It was easy enough to do — he simply named Ken Christian to the group instead of himself when he rejigged the committee list for the coming year.

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3 Comments on ROTHENBURGER- City Hall is a very intriguing place these days

  1. Maybe a little fun for some, yes, but also critically important to the future well-being of Kamloops for many. I would just draw readers’ attention to the current KTW online poll asking the question ” Do you think Mayor Peter Milobar is in a conflict of interest if voting on Ajax matters because he is a B.C. Liberal candidate?”

    YES (57%, 565 Votes)
    NO (43%, 431 Votes)
    Total Voters: 996

  2. It would be fun if you Mel, could find the letter Mr. Kruger wrote in the now defunct KDN about beaches and lake front properties eventually becoming available once the dirty business of mining moves on. I remember it written maybe three years ago, still amused remembering it. I tried recovering it online without success.
    A balanced, clear thinker like Mr. Kruger will certainly add much depth to the conversation about making Kamloops attractive, livable and sustainable.

  3. -‘FogHorn(et)’ and ‘Ajax(YourTown)’ in the same column…’Eeegads, just _what_ is the world coming too?’


    This isn’t politics.: “It’s a slow torture test for/on the people of Kamloops, to see if they could also stomach eventually having a processing plant for radioactive material built beside a local elementary school…as well !

    -I mean, why not, economically speaking “Foggiest-Horn doesn’t know when to stop or quit and Ajax comes from a land whereby, according to their historical perspective on people, culture and quality of living, “Their land was -quite literally- trampled over, over hundreds of years (back and forth by every major faction in wartime Europe), ‘So… what’s little ol’ Kamloops got to complain about…I mean, It’ll bring JOBS to town…like…FOREVER…If they just dig a little deeper…!’ ” -Now that’s quality thinking, right Kevvy? !

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