YOU SAY – Lay off Shane Gottfriedson, Instagram incident is way overblown

Chief Shane Gottfriedson (centre).

Chief Shane Gottfriedson (centre).

A sampling of Facebook comments in reaction to the Armchair Mayor’s editorial, “Chief Gottfriedson’s name added to list of politicians who self-destruct on social media,” published Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016.

Annette Platana: One moment of stupidity/immaturity does not a character make. Please weigh a lifetime of level-headedness in public service against this lapse of common sense. Do it again, though, and it becomes a 3 or a 5 on the scale of losing trust, and a beginning of a pattern. Cut a break, here.

Tony Bittner: Overreacting from people who lead very boring lives what’s wrong with this picture it was meant as a funny photo between friends who cares it’s pretty bad if friends can not poke fun at eachother

Denis McQuaig: I have known Shane and his loving wife and family along time. They have been role models of dedication to the greater good of the people. This one act of poor judgement does not define them or the important work that they do. Thank you, Shane for the public apology and act of humility. You role modelled that we are all human and prone to mistakes but capable of acknowledging our wrong doings and moving on to greater good. Meegwitch.

‪James Thompson: He has been and will continue to be a person I appreciate and admire !!

‪Scott James Munro: This is not a Politician self-destructing, it is a perfect example of the times we live in where if you post something that may offend some person somewhere it can ruin your life…People are becoming way to fragile

‪Allye Meszaros: Who “self-destruct”. Are you serious right now? He made a wee mistake. He resigned. People are far too sensitive nowadays. I could see it if he took a picture of his crotch and plastered it all over Instagram. That for sure would be “self-destructing”… but cmon. People are so overreacting over this, that it’s not even funny.

‪Mitch Williams: Say you’re sorry, promise to take some sort of course and move on. Silly tweet but this is a career killer? Come on. There is important work to be done.

‪Jaymz Bethell: Gottfriedson has done great things and is a great man. That his lifetime of work can be so quickly undone over a goofy photo is truly pathetic. He’s a human. He goofed off. Slightly inappropriate but gimme a break which of us isn’t sometimes .. what a joke. Hypersensitivity.

‪Cassandra Marie: Poor taste whether he is a politician or not. At least he resigned though.

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2 Comments on YOU SAY – Lay off Shane Gottfriedson, Instagram incident is way overblown

  1. -That picture of yours (herein above): Proves/shows that Shane Gottfriedson looks every bit a politician consequently and politicians -as we know- can never do any wrong -especially if they are the under-dog of sorts or at least affiliated with some cause that is seemingly disenfranchised.
    Just ask Michael LeBourdais…quite the dark horse, yet you’d never know it.

    :Politics _makes_ good company, in terms of characterizing the ebb and flow of opinions…even of oneself -as a politician- over time.

    ((Family lore indicates the meaning of the Danish surname “Gottfredson” means “one who follows God.”
    -Can anyone with a knowledge of Danish confirm that meaning?))

  2. What crotch shot? You can see about 4 inches above his knees. His crotch is nowhere in sight. Talk about a tempest in a teapot. Too many people are looking for an excuse to feel insulted.

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