Ajax opponent takes ‘conflict of interest’ claims to B.C. Ombudsperson

Kamloops resident John McNamer has taken the next step in his campaign to remove Peter Milobar from any involvement in the Ajax issue in his role as mayor.

Old Ajax pit. (KGHM Ajax photo)

Old Ajax pit. (KGHM Ajax photo)

McNamer says Milobar should step aside from debate or decisions on the Ajax mine proposal because he has a perceived conflict as a BC Liberal candidate in the next provincial election.

McNamer filed an application on the weekend with provincial Ombudsperson Jay Chalk, adding all of council to the complaint.

In part, McNamer’s letter to Chalk states:

“I, Kamloops resident John McNamer, wish to register a complaint about what I believe is a perceived conflict of interest on the part of Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar, who has chosen to continue to represent the City of Kamloops in negotiations with mining company KGHM Ajax after he was officially selected to be the BC Liberal candidate to become the next MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson.

He writes that City council shouldn’t have allowed Milobar to “participate in a debate and vote Nov. 22, 2016, on Coun. Denis Walsh’s Five Conditions motion concerning the city’s relationship with KGHM Ajax.  I believe this vote should be declared null and void…”

McNamer also says Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett and Environment Minister Mary Polak should have acted on a request by Walsh to suspend the Ajax permitting process until storage of mine tailings in tailings ponds is stopped.

He adds that Premier Christy Clark is also in a perceived conflict of interest over fundraising by mining interests for the Liberals.

McNamer states:

When Mr. Milobar won the nomination to become a candidate for the BC Liberal party, the problem quickly became very real for residents of Kamloops who are concerned about the very large potential for damage to our community from the proposed gigantic open-pit KGHM Ajax mine right on our doorstep.  We are faced with knowing that we have a mayor who refuses to declare himself in a perceived conflict of interest even though he has inherently placed himself under the party discipline of adhering to and promoting principles and policies espoused by his pro-mining senior associates in the BC Liberal party.


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5 Comments on Ajax opponent takes ‘conflict of interest’ claims to B.C. Ombudsperson

  1. John McNamer // December 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM // Reply

    The complaint as submitted, complete with full documentations, is 25 pages long. It can now be accessed for viewing by anyone on Dropbox by copying and pasting this link into the address bar:

  2. Funny how the rules apply to AJAX supporters but not to people who oppose AJAX. While they are at it, ask all the council if they have an opinion and drop them all.

  3. I agree that Peter Milobar should be held to a high standard. I don`t feel the BC Liberal party and the Kamloops citizens best interests align when it comes to Ajax. Surely this is a problem, especially for the leader of our city.

  4. John McNamer // December 5, 2016 at 10:43 AM // Reply

    I would be happy to send the full complaint with all documentations as filed with the BC Ombudsman to anyone who is interested. Contact me at email:

  5. Ian McCulloch // December 5, 2016 at 9:01 AM // Reply

    Another whiner attempting an ‘end around’ to stop the project. Maybe he should find a project he can get behind to better the city rather than grandstand alongside Mr Walsh.

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