HARRISON – Trump no worse than what middle Americans were getting

President-elect Trump on election night.

President-elect Trump on election night.

AMERICANS PICKED picked their poison Tuesday night and it was the option that in their view tasted less bitter.

harrisonhed-sep2016Clearly voters disliked, and distrusted both choices available to them, but at the end of the day, they distrusted Hillary Clinton more.

Donald Trump is the unlikely president elect because he represented the change a majority of American voters craved.

Certainly he’s not ready to be the president in the conventional sense. He doesn’t have the experience. They say he doesn’t have the temperament. But what he does have is a connection with middle Americans who showed they were fed up with the establishment and the status quo, and felt they weren’t getting any part of the American dream.

While they certainly were offended by many of the things Mr. Trump said on and off the campaign trail, and while they could see his hyperbole often stretched the truth beyond belief, they trusted Hillary Clinton even less.

As unprepared as some think Trump is for the presidency, what he’s been able to accomplish is nothing short of remarkable because he won the presidency in spite of the opposition from the Republican establishment, all of the polling, the American elite, the entertainment crowd, and the constant bombardment of negative, biased reporting from the mainstream American corporate media.

As one commentator put it, with Hillary Clinton voters knew what they might be getting, and didn’t want it. With Trump, there’s the unknown, but it surely can’t be any worse for middle Americans than what they’ve been getting.

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4 Comments on HARRISON – Trump no worse than what middle Americans were getting

  1. Certainly think you cod have factored in the GOP blocking , attempting to repeal and generally quashing progress in the name of associate power…..It would have been interesting to see what a democratic government could have done with a Senate majority…Then your point would have carried more weight….

  2. “Surely cant be worse than they have been getting” The mind boggles at that statement” Thank God I am Canadian, and Thank God we elected the polar opposite of that Neanderthal in our last election.

  3. Jim, forget not one very simple fact. More Americans on the day, voted for Clinton. But as their system does not recognize the popular vote and instead counts only the votes of the elite known as the electoral college, this simple fact becomes moot.

  4. Excellent article showing the need for change and indicating support for something new that could in the end be good, at least it gives our nearest neighbours hope for the future, instead of 8 more years of the elite status quo and then eight years of Chelsea, which was in the long term plan as well. Lets hope for the best, thank you for your optimistic outlook.

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