Mayoral candidate Pitbelly extolls virtues of ponds, pits, pollution

Candidate for mayor Mr. Open Pitbelly faces media scrum.

Candidate for mayor Mr. Open Pitbelly faces media scrum.

CIVIC ELECTION 2014 — Voters will choose from at least two candidates in the November civic election in Kamloops.

Mr. Open Pitbelly will challenge incumbent Peter Milobar, focusing on a platform of prosperity through pollution.

Pitbelly, a.k.a. Elaine Sedgman, kicked of the Pitbelly for Mayor campaign Monday morning on the steps of City Hall, extolling the virtues of tailings ponds, open pits and pollution.

Dressed in a suit that includes a likeness of an open pit on its belly, the new candidate said ponds, pits and pollution spell prosperity for Kamloops.

Commenting on the news that the provincial Environment Assessment Office is unlikely to grant a second public-comment period on Ajax, Pitbelly said, “That’s fabulous.”

He said the Ajax pond would be three times the size of the Mount Polley tailings pond. If it breaches, Pitbelly said, there would be tremendous job opportunities for lawyers, grief counsellors, emergency workers and soil specialists.

“Just think of the urban renewal that will create.”

As for the open pit that would be excavated for the mine, “I think Kamloops has won the open pit lottery.” Pitbelly said there’s one chance in 23 million of having an open pit that size beside a city the size of Kamloops.

“I will work for community development. Imagine the pits, the size and the profit — I can dig even deeper and closer to the city. Open pits can be very useful after their lifespan is over.”

The Ajax pit could solve the city’s parking problems by being converted to a giant parkade, Pitbelly said.

Pollution will also contribute to economic development, the mayoral hopeful said, creating more work for doctors, therapists and specialists.

Asked whether Pitbelly would actually file nomination papers, Sedgman switched to her alter self to say she had checked it out and it’s legal to run as Open Pitbelly.

Coun. Tina Lange and former councillor Denis Walsh, who attended Pitbelly’s announcement, both offered a “you never know” about the new candidate’s chances.

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8 Comments on Mayoral candidate Pitbelly extolls virtues of ponds, pits, pollution

  1. Pitbelly is doing Kamloops and the world a service by pointing out our dismal and pathetic attitude to the environmental disasters we daily allow to unfold around us when we get sidetracked by tinpot elections and petty bickering (like the nonsense about his mask). He is trying to incite us to real action on the damage we expose our precious world to via our rapaciousness and thoughtlessness. I think Kamloops could do far worse than electing him/her as mayor. At least he’s shedding light on a huge problem.

  2. Too bad we couldn’t have an actual second candidate for mayor. I mean I get the point, but lets get actuak people with ideas out there. Demkcracy isn’t a joke.

  3. LAWRENCE BEATON // September 8, 2014 at 7:10 PM // Reply

    It is unfortunate that Mr. Open Pitbelly aka. whoever, feels, that there is only one important issue in the upcoming election. There is a big world out there.

  4. Shirley Philpot // September 8, 2014 at 6:05 PM // Reply

    Why would someone need to hide in a costume. Let’s see your face! Not impressed by that. Should be illegal!!!

  5. I was hoping there would actually be a contest for for the Mayoralty position……guess not.

    • Extremely sad. This election is shaping up to be a bad joke. And the butt of that joke will be the taxpayer yet again.

  6. Lawrence Beaton // September 8, 2014 at 1:26 PM // Reply

    Will be interesting to see how many protest votes are thrown the way of Mr. Open Pitbelly. Then the pundits wonder why more people don’t vote.

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