LETTER – The way City Hall spends money is outrageous

Mel, you are always so “bang on.” They way City Hall spends money is outrageous.

I have a list a mile long where money was wasted over and over again. And another list same where money should be spent.

To start with, clean up this town (not talking about homeless and drug problem). The downtown is a disgrace and probably the train tourists are arriving soon.

Merchants don’t even clean in front of their businesses, 1/2 the trees are dead and that lighting on them is such a sloppy mess. Signs on every corner telling us where the library is where the museum is where the park is. Have you seen them, they are on a stand, two sided.

Don’t get me going on Riverside, there’s about 10 monster signs telling us we are in a park. Now there are putting a K A M L O O P S sign in the park. For Gods sake, I think people know they are in a PARK in KAMLOOPS!!!!!

Thanks for “listening” to my rant.


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2 Comments on LETTER – The way City Hall spends money is outrageous

  1. I have emailed our administrators about a 100 times-plus about garbage, weeds, trees,
    appearance etcetera, etcetera. Every year, year after year…same excuses. Various councils have always taken the position administration knows best…
    Then don’t get me started on places where they waste money. And lately, with their new procurement scheme, the money waste has accelerated with little accountability.
    The problem is, too few citizens complain and when a complaint is made is always from the same observant few.

  2. Alan Kuhnert // April 16, 2023 at 9:22 AM // Reply

    After living in Surrey for 30 years I used to call Surrey ‘Litter Central’ It was so bad in our neighborhood that for 4 years I was the Adopt a Street guy in our neighborhood. BUT Kamloops takes the cake or should I say crap for litter central. Why can’t the businesses which front major streets clean up in front of their businesses? Why would a tourist want to spend time in a city that doesn’t seem to care about its appearance?

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