LETTER – Consultation only works if City, social agencies actually listen

Yacht Club. (Image: CFJC Today)

Re: EDITORIAL – Mustard Seed’s approach to shelter is a lesson in consultation

Dear Mr. Armchair Mayor:

First, I take exception to the fact that “apparently” there was consultation with the neighbourhood before proceeding with a temporary shelter at the Kamloops Alliance Church.

Where the heck was there consultation with the neighbours before the Yacht Club was turned into a full time shelter from November to March. Where is our security when we run into their drug addicts while we are walking rivers trail, where is the oversight when their “clients” throw their used food containers (which we pay for) all over of which I have pictures and after calling the shelter to complain, I am told they will clean it up and 4 days later the containers are now frozen in ice still in the same place.

It will be interesting to hear what those neighbours have to say once the plan is actioned when they start seeing footprints in their backyards in the snow and have personal items go missing. Call the police and report it they say if there is a theft or your vehicle windows get broken and all you get is a file number.

The neighbourhood residents bear the brunt of the costs to replace vehicle windows, bear the brunt of replacing whatever you have that went “missing” off your patio. Call community services they say…….. their representative had the gall to say you shouldn’t leave your stuff out for them to take.

In my mind unless someone is printing money, we the average joe who is/has worked all their life are their benefactors. So the citizens/taxpayers pay for the upkeep and welfare of those on the street, we feed them 2 or 3 meals a day, we pay for our increase in insurance if we make a claim, we pay for the increase in our taxes to cover off ALL costs related to the homeless upkeep, defaced buildings and property, etc. as well as the huge salaries to those making the decisions whether it is the Government, Mustard Seed or Ask Wellness, etc. for which the citizens do not get an accurate detailed audit of how many we feed, shelter, etc.

I could go on but won’t! Consultation works you say…….consultation only works if the city or organization LISTENS to those they are consulting with. The CITY generally already has their decision and action plan in place and only makes a show of consultation without actually listening.

Consultation works you say……..hummph…… I would like to express myself in more meaningful words but that sir is a load of poppycock!!!!!!


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3 Comments on LETTER – Consultation only works if City, social agencies actually listen

  1. Sean McGuinness // December 15, 2022 at 1:53 PM // Reply

    Sounds like consultation with the “Yacht club” was not necessary after all — they would have rejected a homeless shelter. But to be fair, so would a lot of other people. Apparently some people are more worried about seeing footprints in their backyard than seeing people freezing to death.

    Dear Klare. The world is not a perfect place. Show a bit of heart at Xmas.

  2. The operators at the Kamloops Alliance Church are not the same as the ones for the Yacht Club. The difference in approach was lauded for the former and it was suggested be used as a template to avoid the kind of chaos unfolding for the latter.
    The bottom line is as a society we have the duty to help. And yes it can be done to minimize its negative aspects. And yes the people in position of authority need to reorganize laws, its administration and its enforcement to address the increase of the social ills and the spillover effects on the rest of society.

  3. I am wondering what part, if any, Kamloops Council and Mayor had in the shelter at the Alliance Church? Were they just listening ears?
    My question is about recusal since I believe that a City councillor is a member of that particular church. If recusal was in order and that councillor did not recuse their person from discussion about that shelter, where does that put the question about Mayor Hamer-Jackson?
    If recusal was in order for the discussion about the newest shelter and no recusal happened, it seems a bit out of place for that particular councillor to have signed a letter that was given to the Mayor.

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