MILOBAR – First impression of Premier David Eby isn’t a good one

(Image: Govt of BC)

MLA, Kamloops-North Thompson

THE FIRST TWO WEEKS of David Eby’s premiership should tell you all you need to know about his leadership style. His actions have shown that he is clearly willing to let British Columbians — and democracy — suffer if it suits his needs and personally benefits him.

MLA Peter Milobar.

Take, for example, the significant public safety concerns that the official opposition and many community groups have been raising, as repeat offenders terrorize individuals and communities. Together, we have been calling for specific actions for the better part of a year, only to have Eby — who was serving as attorney general — first deny there was even a problem and then spend months ignoring those calls for action.

When Eby resigned the post to run his tainted NDP leadership campaign, Murray Rankin replaced him as attorney general and in similar fashion, did nothing of substance. During that year, while the two of them dithered and delayed, more than 900 British Columbians became victims of violent random attacks in Vancouver alone.

Now that he’s premier, suddenly Eby has had a change of heart and has said he will take some of the very actions that our caucus and community advocates have been calling for all year.

So, in essence, he made a calculated political move to delay action for many months so he could be credited with ‘taking action’ in his first few days as premier. The safety of British Columbians was of little importance to him in the process.

Also of no importance to Eby are the democratic principles that our constituents expect their representatives to keep at the centre of their work. The NDP cut an entire week of the fall legislation session unnecessarily to facilitate Eby’s swearing-in as premier.

As a result, during this final week of the session, they are imposing time allocations and ramming through several important pieces of legislation even though many have yet to see thorough, vigorous debate and detailed questioning.

And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill administrative bills, either. We are talking about substantial and significant changes that require much more than a passing glance.

We’re also talking about the new premier’s much-hyped housing bills that were literally introduced on a Monday; had debate shut down on them by Tuesday; and will be rammed through by the NDP by Thursday.

Take, for example, new rules that will end strata rental and age restrictions, impacting one million British Columbians who live in stratas. These will essentially take effect as soon as the bill is given royal assent on Thursday evening, with little debate in the House over potential unintended consequences which could include strata insurance rates continuing to skyrocket.

It seems David Eby is content to stifle debate on key issues that matter to British Columbians. He couldn’t care less about giving MLAs — your representatives in Victoria — enough time to properly scrutinize legislation that will affect their constituents. Just like he disregarded the public’s right to safety on our streets while he delayed action on repeat offenders.

It’s long been remarked that it’s important for people to make a good first impression when taking on a new role or responsibility. So far, Premier David Eby hasn’t provided any proof he’s looking out for anyone’s best interests but his own.

Peter Milobar is the MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson.

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5 Comments on MILOBAR – First impression of Premier David Eby isn’t a good one

  1. Peter, you let us “hang” on the Crackshack of Westmount fiasco when you were our Mayor. A few photos to the media should remind you of some of the details.

  2. So, in essence, Mr. Milobar has made a calculated political move, so he could be credited with ‘taking action’ in opposition to Mr. Eby in his first few days as premier … saying that the safety of British Columbians was of little importance to our new premier … even if we previously suffered through years and years of Liberal (oh … no cough … not Liberal but now the Conservative attracting ‘United’ party) inaction on the public safety portfolio.

    Then takes full credit for what Eby does do once as premier, stating that those very actions were called for by his caucus and community advocates … the entire time. Sorry Mr. Milobar … ya cant have both without being read and understood instantly as just making political hay rhetoric for the benefit of your well trod on keyboard warrior status.

    Let me put it another way “Thanks for listening Mr. Eby”
    … was that so hard?

    And by the way, actual voters not only expect this NDP government to match previous Liberal government habits like debate shut down and legislative ramming through on a majority Ledge … but are even less surprised your complaining about it now.

    You forget that the goose and the gander are well known.

    So far, Mr. Milobar hasn’t provided any proof he’s looking out for anyone’s best interests but his own, via his ‘quack’ of rhetoric.

    • I 125% feel the same way! My eyes roll or I giggle or both when I read his garbage!

      You should have herd Jaz Johal give Falcon the third degree the other day on CKNW saying what you wrote here! Falcon got so testy & upset he almost walked out!

      I still have my Gordon Campbell A New Err stickers!!! Do we all remember when that guy was the most socialist mayor Vancoucer ever had up to that point & worked with the NDP to get the Cassiar Tunnel built?

  3. Well, what a surprise you would find fault with everything he does. Get used to him cause the libs are going nowhere!!

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