FORSETH – Beating the drum of crazed conspiracy theories won’t win

Leslyn Lewis. (Image: Facebook)

THIS MORNING in my political email Inbox, came another in what has been hundreds of emails from all of the candidates seeking to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and from that, the opportunity to become prime minister after the next federal election.

This morning’s email was from Leslyn Lewis, who is taking a second shot at it.  In it, she made what I consider to be some pretty wild statements and accusations – including her beginning statement that:

… The United Nations is fuelling a misinformation campaign that they cleverly disguise as a war on conspiracy theories

She then continued … The UN has put out a framework for people to assess and ultimately undermine the legitimate questions that people are asking of their governments by labelling these questions as “conspiracy theories” … it is a clear agenda to control thought by pitting citizens against each other and to police the thoughts of their neighbours.

… It is textbook gaslighting – a way of manipulating and bullying people with feelings of shame by getting them to think that they’re the problem, they’re crazy, or worse – that they are the the ones spreading conspiracy theories.

… news reports and speeches that seem to be parroting the same points with the exact same delivery from leaders all around the world … repeating the same line that COVID-19 is an opportunity to reset our economy, and to “Build Back Better”.

… The truth is that global organizations such as the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations are working together to transform our way of life. And if you ask any questions … you will be called a conspiracy theorist and accused of spreading disinformation.

… our government and global agencies like the United Nations have established shaming mechanisms to deal with those pesky and “dangerous” questions … the most popular liberal word used to silence you is to call your statements “dangerous”, without any evidence of the danger that your words pose.

Lewis then goes on to say that what she finds so offensive about the UN’s approach is that … it attempts to shut down debate and to regulate what people think and believe. It’s the responsibility of governments and leaders to provide the facts, to answer questions and be accountable to the people. It is not the people’s responsibility to censor and shame their neighbours and to stop them from asking questions. It’s not hard to imagine what kind of regimes are ruled by such cultural rules.

… the United Nations’ campaign also teaches us how to identify a real conspiracy which – don’t worry – never involves the government. The UN has taken a page from the Trudeau Liberals’ internet censorship proposal, Bill C-11, and put it on steroids.

Citizens who care about freedom of thought, who understand that asking questions is a good thing, and who require their elected officials to provide evidence and data supporting their policies, should recognize when they are slowly being silenced.

The final comments in her message to me, and other members of the Conservative Party, is that as … engaged citizens and stewards of our democracy, we must not back down when someone in power responds to a legitimate question with, “That’s a conspiracy theory”, or “stop talking, you’re spreading dangerous misinformation”. Let’s hold our elected officials to account, remind them that they are there to serve the people, and that we have the power to vote them out if they continue to dismiss our concerns by not answering questions with clear evidence.

A healthy democracy is built on open debate, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. We must fight to keep these freedoms strong in Canada. It is essential.

I have to say that I am deeply disappointed that the person I had as my first choice to become the Conservative leader in the last campaign, has become little more than an individual pandering to the irrational fears of a number of Canadians — and beating the drum of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, beginning with:

The United Nations is fuelling a misinformation campaign that they cleverly disguise as a war on conspiracy theories.

In fact, in her email she mentions ‘conspiracy theories’ five times, as if driving home the point is going to make it true.

It’s not – at least for sane and rational thinking people. But hey, that’s just my opinion.
I believe the majority of Canadians are desperately looking for good government that will respect them, respect the financial resources they have been entrusted with, that will restore safety in our communities, and provide what’s is needed for Canadians to be able to have the medical care we deserve — just to name a few.

THAT’S what I believe to be ‘essential’.

Many who thought Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government would bring that about have been disappointed. And yet, the Conservatives (or at least the 100s of thousands signed up by Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis) seem intent on putting forward the face of “conspiracy theorists.”

Sadly … beating the drum of crazed WEF and COVID conspiracies, being foisted on us by secret and clandestine groups and individuals, does nothing to bring about the things I mentioned that the ‘majority’ people of Canada are desperate to see.

Leslyn Lewis went from my number one choice last time, to not even being considered on my ballot. And because they are two peas in a pod, Pierre Poilievre was a no show on my ballot as well.

I voted for Jean Charest then, you say?

No, in fact I voted for the individual least likely to win, and yet the one I truly believe would have made the best leader after Sept. 10 — Scott Aitchison.

Oh, well. Maybe after the Conservatives lose yet again, in the next federal election, they’ll go for common sense and a rational non-conspiracy theorist approach.

One can only hope because, once again, that is what I believe to be ‘essential’.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident. For 40 years he has been active, in a number of capacities, in local, provincial and federal politics, including running as a candidate for the BC Reform Party in the 1996 provincial election. He recently was involved in the BC Liberal leadership campaign.

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1 Comment on FORSETH – Beating the drum of crazed conspiracy theories won’t win

  1. You are back, calling out for common sense. Oh whatever! Common sense will tell you without a doubt that humans are creating havoc on the earth and I am not just talking about climate change. But are you keeping an eye out for the run-up to the local municipal election? Mr. Rothenburger has already endorsed a few candidates. I wonder who you will endorse. You can do it subtlety like the Armchair mayor did if you want.

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