FEATURED COMMENT – Let’s work together for cycling safety in Kamloops

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

My response to Mel Rothenburger’s Armchair Mayor Article July 27, 2022

As an active member of the Kamloops Cycling Coalition my eyes and ears are honed to any discussions regarding cycling and I welcome a robust public discussion on the topic – it’s what is needed to generate the will to foster safer modes of transportation for EVERYONE. I agree that there are cyclists with poor judgement. They are the ones I feel foil our group’s efforts to promote a safe, efficient, equitable cycling culture in Kamloops, but unlike with poor drivers I don’t hear anyone proposing all motorized vehicles drivers get off the road. Yes, we need cycling safety, road and path etiquette provided to youngsters if we are going to become a cycle friendly city, province and country, but cyclists also need to have recognized their legitimate space on our roads and paths. Without appropriately designed bike routes and multi-use paths, what choice does a rider (whether commuter or “Sunday” Pedaler) have than to take the option least likely to risk life and limb. On April 4th, Mel, you wrote an article lambasting the City for their efforts to provide a safe route for active transportation users to make the connection from all points east of Summit Dr to the TRU Campus! So, if you oppose building safe infrastructure, AND cyclists riding on roads or sidewalks, where do you propose we ride? And to make a too often missed point about that proposed Summit overpass, it will benefit not only students, but faculty, staff and the soon to be thousands of residents living on campus. Why don’t you help us out Mel? Dust off your bike, or borrow one and join me for a Cycle the City Tour and let’s work together to make active transportation available to everyone in the City.


Editor’s Note: The above response was posted on the Kamloops Cycling Coalition Facebook page yesterday, July 27, 2022.

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2 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Let’s work together for cycling safety in Kamloops

  1. Jennie Stadnichuk // July 30, 2022 at 2:51 PM // Reply

    I understand and accept Deb Alore’s response to Mel’s column. What I don’t accept is cyclists who disregard the City of Kamloops’ clearly marked and safely built cyclists’ paths i.e., Valleyview Drive. Daily I see them ride the sidewalk right alongside costly built cycle pathways. Worst of all is a sore sight I saw this Saturday morning: A couple of chatting moms riding on the sidewalk along with their 3-4 children doing the same. Why am I upset? Because they missed a ‘Teaching Opportunity” It was a low traffic time for leading their children while teaching them responsible cycling. One mom should have been in the rear with the other in front! Not a time for them to be gabbing with each other as they were doing, but a time for parenting by example! Forward thinking is needed!!

  2. The poor Mel…the toughest “skin” around for sure. Getting all this flack just to provide an opinion.
    Whereas the City of Kamloops just shuts-down any dissenting discussion/opinion the armchair mayor flaunts it!

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