LETTER – ‘What if’ scenarios are a fairy tale from a distorted imagination

Re: ‘Questions in need of answers about alleged police violence’

Mel, you write…”So many questions in need of answers. And so many what if’s.”

The narrative ‘what if’s’ can be so dangerous for such a caustic divisive issue and can also provide the justification for violent aggression innate in some people… these two words have for centuries been used to create unfounded fears, absolve enforcement officers and others from criminal actions and on a bigger scale inspire tyrannical regimes to commit major atrocities.

Show me the facts, not a fairy tale or fictional account of ‘what if’s’, from someone’s distorted biased imagination.

We have regressed as a once proud country… to muttering ‘My Country Right Or Wrong”.
We now have ‘retroactive crime’ in this country and the seizure of bank accounts and this has been officially enacted after the streets of Ottawa were already cleared and when the pandemic is coming to a halt and countries around the world are lifting mandates and restrictions.

Police are already in possession of an extensive tool kit ro manage criminal activities. This exceptional Canada wide suspension of human rights is focused on a much maligned group of peaceful protestors, primarily due to ineffective police enforcement.

This includes the appalling disinformation campaign propagated by the legacy media to undermine the majority of those frustrated peaceful participants who were there protesting the doubling down of mandates and a loosening of restrictions.

 Is this what Canada now stands for, authoritarianism and the loss of full human rights protection? This is a very, very sad, sad situation and our government leaders have done a great injury to our country by enacting this unnecessary draconian Emergencies Act.

And yes, there will always be people who cheer on power to crush any dissent not aligned with their viewpoint, however extreme it may be. Unfortunately, I expect to see a modern day witch hunt to take place, without their help.

As a once proud country we have now officially lost our way and I doubt if Canada will ever get back to what was once a much admired, respected and prominent international position in the eyes of the world.


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4 Comments on LETTER – ‘What if’ scenarios are a fairy tale from a distorted imagination

  1. I to agree it is a very sad day indeed. But the sadness I have is for someone who has clearly lost their way. Not long ago I thought you were the only level headed member of council, but this nonsensical gibberish full of hyperbole and disillusionment is depressing if not outright pathetic. Being a contrarian is one thing, but rewriting the history to suite your narrative is right out of the Fox playbook. You’ve clearly misread the room and the disinformation being exposed by you and you’re Fox collaborators are the ones who are propagating the disinformation campaign, whilst the remaining 90% of Canadians have followed the science. Are you also a climate warming denier or do you cherry pick which science you do or don’t believe?

  2. I can’t really follow this version of Denis Walsh. I like the other one much better. Having said that I can’t get out of my head the image I have of those modern day “freedom fighters”…the ones driving those big unmuffled diesels with tinted windows and the ornamental scrotum hanging off the trailer receiver…does anyone have a better depiction of them?

  3. Excellent Denis, Thank you

  4. OMG, Denis, please follow the Mayor’s lead and leave municipal politics. What a bunch of drivel.

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