LETTER – Rapid testing option should be offered to vaccinated employees

(Image: Alexandra Koch, Pixabay)

I still believe mandates for City employees and Council is going a step too far. The proposal to allow the option for employees to access ‘frequent rapid testing’ would be a much better option than losing their job, if not willing to be vaccinated.

This option should also be offered to all vaccinated employees and contractors, on request. This should eliminate the need for any mandatory vaccination policy.

I strongly believe offering more sick days would also be a good policy to consider for employees and contractors. By allowing financial support to incentivize people to stay home when they are thinking they may be starting to feel sick or just a little off-normal. This option could be more effective to have them stay home until workers are certain they are safe to be at work.

The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated and you’re not going to have the virus spread is totally false. It is a scientific fact that vaccinated people may have less symptoms than the unvaccinated, but can still easily spread the virus.

It is becoming a trend for cities to adopt mandatory vaccination policies. We are seeing in workplaces with mandates in place, innocent hardworking people being unnecessarily permanently harmed by job loss, with little or no benefit to anyone.

I believe vaccine mandates are extreme and unethical, especially without alternative options which include ‘frequent rapid testing’.

The City of Kamloops needs to focus more on the less intrusive methods clearly spelled out in human rights law according to the Human Rights Commissioner. The B.C. Human Rights Commissioner has stated any vaccine mandate must be “necessary due to a lack of less-intrusive alternatives: vaccine policies should be a last resort, relied on only if other methods—- such as social distancing, implementing work from home policies, and wearing masks — are ineffective.” I would add ‘frequent rapid testing’ to that list of options.

This is not a routine operational procedure, this is a major policy change for our city. This is a huge, precedent-setting decision with far-reaching unknown consequences. This proposed vaccine mandate does not fit the city workplace, for employees and contractors.

Kamloops City councillor

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3 Comments on LETTER – Rapid testing option should be offered to vaccinated employees

  1. Thank you for the opinion, Dr. Walsh.

  2. Good to see Denis. Why has early intervention been ignored? The NIH states Remdesivir ($2,000 to $3,000 per patient treatment) is the priority when hospitalized as it qualifies the hospital for an extra 20% BONUS,, and causes many bad results vs the Ivermectin (<$30 per patient treatment) which is second on the list and is much better. Remdesivir is shown first, Ivermectin is 2nd & is safer. See Adverse Events & D-D Interactions. The c19 jab has nothing to do with health, it's all about control.

  3. I really don’t get you on this one Denis. The vast majority of specialists all over the world are recommending and emphasizing vaccination. Who are you to contest that? Cherry picking studies, data and even court decisions to support your inane position is, let’s be polite here, “naive”. And all this testing, by-the-way, adds expenses to our civic budget. Or takes away money from provincial coffers which could be use for other important things.

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