GINTA – We can’t afford more train tracks and not through downtown

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IT SOUNDS LIKEs a bit like an April Fool’s joke. CP will add another track through the downtown. Right. Because of course we need more train traffic through the downtown and let’s not even talk about trains that transport coal in open cars. Let’s hope not, because coal dust is the last thing we need, but also, it would not be the first time when that would happen.

Now you see why it sounds like a not so funny joke.

Then there’s the other issues related to trains.

A couple of months ago some friends visited Kamloops and they wanted to experience the downtown properly, so they chose their lodging accordingly. That was for one night only, because the train traffic proved too much. For the remaining of their time in Kamloops they chose a hotel somewhere uptown and that saved their sleep.

Who would think that more train traffic would be beneficial? More so if the extra track is intended to transport extra merchandise to the Lower Mainland. The extras we need right now should have nothing to do with consumerism, but with clean air, less congested roads and less throwaway stuff.


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3 Comments on GINTA – We can’t afford more train tracks and not through downtown

  1. Beverley Campbell // October 13, 2020 at 3:12 PM // Reply

    Actually, trains are a necessary part of our economy, were here long before you ever moved here, provide thousands of employees an excellent wage and the spin off is splendid, all the way out to Cache Creek where CP workers use motels and restaurants, to Ashcroft where through hard work and tenacity people have created an employment unparalleled by most, for many workers in the form of an Inland Port. Goods and services and many other benefits come with the railroads and just for good measure, oil is transported in special tanker cars. I cannot think how you have arrived at this all as being bad. As for your travelling friends, three nights and they would no longer even hear the trains passing, I have lived in Ashcroft for 49 years, both railways pass straight down the middle of our small town and most of us no longer notice, I live directly above the CP tracks and sleep soundly……………….

  2. Off course with the holiday season approaching the leaders of this city should enact an edict to make local shopping for locally made products compulsory. And a public shaming for anyone ordering their superfluous budgets from Amazon…

  3. Sorry but the trains are needed to transport the stuff needed to build Teslas and similar stuff which we are all going to buy soon. Coupled with a ban on single use plastic, we are well on our way to have met our environmental obligations…and about that “vibrant“ downtown well it is going to be at least “vibrating” given more trains are coming…that’s the best we can hope for.

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