McQUARRIE – Come on in to the Covid Cafe and check out today’s special

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY the Covid Cafe, where your rights to personal choice extend well beyond our well thought out and delicious menu.

As I take you to your table, you’ll notice that our guests, like you, have chosen not to wear a face mask. Obviously, we don’t want to force anyone into making decisions that go against personal freedoms.

In fact, we feel so strongly about personal choice that we have extended the same freedom to our staff.  Servers as well as those working in the kitchen get to individually weigh the risks of preparing and serving your food with or without a mask.

It is their call and l’m certain you’d agree that the freedom of personal choice is a treasured and valued right, and consideration for others and their wellbeing cannot impede upon the pursuit and protection of their personal liberties.

These kinds of decisions are never easy, are they?  On one side you have scientists, epidemiologists, researchers and even your family doctor telling you this COVID-19 is an extremely menacing virus capable of killing you.  Yet some social media influencers say you shouldn’t worry. Some are even suggesting this whole COVID thing is a hoax, a conspiracy promoted by big-pharma or government. I mean, who do you listen to and trust these days? It’s complicated for some, isn’t it?

I noticed you saw our chicken salad sandwich on the special board as you came in and I highly recommend it.  However, did you know that the health department tries to remove freedom of choice by telling us how long the chicken must be cooked in order for it to be safe for you to eat?  At the Covid Cafe we too are suspicious of science.

A chef we follow on social media says those health department concerns over toxins such as botulism are government promoted lies and we need not worry about internal cooking temperatures or be so reliant upon refrigeration after cooking.

According to this online cook, lower temperatures improve taste and that makes our sandwich special a tasty treat I’m sure you will enjoy.  Besides, food poisoning is highly overrated as a risk and almost all who get it survive with nothing more than a little tummy ache. Right?

Then there is Tiffany, who will be your server today and she feels the chemicals found in hand soaps might be harmful to her skin and asked that we take down the health notice in the bathroom. You know, the one requiring food handlers to wash their hands.

Like you, being told what to do was felt to infringe upon her freedom of choice, so we took the signs down and while we hope everyone washes their hands, it does remain a personal choice.

Here at the Covid Cafe we share your belief and strongly held views on personal liberties. And while I’m sure some diners will become ill because of choices we’ve made, it is a small price to pay in order to preserve your right to choose freedom and personal gratification over societal responsibility.

Now, will you be having that chicken salad sandwich or perhaps you want to head over to that self-serve salad bar?  Tiffany will be here in a moment to take your order.

Bill McQuarrie is a former magazine publisher, photojournalist and entrepreneur. Semi-retired and now living in Port McNeill, you can follow him on Instagram #mcriderbc or reach him at

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2 Comments on McQUARRIE – Come on in to the Covid Cafe and check out today’s special

  1. John Noakes // August 10, 2020 at 8:56 AM // Reply

    “Wisdom” is a word that should be applied to how we face this pandemic. If things aren’t on social media, it is almost as if it doesn’t matter.
    Great article, Bill. The wisdom is evident written between the lines.
    I guess there’s no tip for Tiff today.

  2. David Johnson // August 9, 2020 at 1:47 PM // Reply

    BWAA HAA … Nicely done there Bill.

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