LETTER – Rivers Trail at Westmount badly in need of some maintenance

(Image: John Noakes)

Re: Editorial, ‘Enviro report shows need for big shift in Kamloops thinking, July 15, 2020

How timely that your editorial this morning is about walking and cycling in our fair city.

The Rivers Trail is quite popular and has gained in popularity during the pandemic.  There has been an increase in the amount of foot traffic and the number of cyclists using the path between Westmount Elementary School and Westmount Park.

A couple of years ago, a yellow line was painted more or less up the middle of the paved portion of the trail and arrows were added to mark the direction of travel when using the trail.

I took some photos this morning while I walked our dog to the school and back.  With the overgrowth of bushes and weeds, especially along the side where the North Thompson River flows by, it has become hazardous to use the shared pathway.

Not only is there not enough room for a person, let alone a person with a dog, to walk along the one side of the pathway, but also the visibility has been greatly reduced to see if any cyclists are heading towards you.  It makes one question if there has been due diligence for maintenance or any risk assessment done on this section of the Rivers Trail.


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7 Comments on LETTER – Rivers Trail at Westmount badly in need of some maintenance

  1. If you think that’s bad you should check out the bike path in Dallas. There are so many roots that have gotten under the pavement and caused multiple lumps and bumps that I’m sure it would be classified as downright dangerous! Who do we report this to?

  2. The problem is, the City’s parks department spends huge on the annual floral displays leaving little for everything else.

  3. I applaud cyclists and walkers.

    The cyclists in Kamloops do not call out from behind. Like they are afraid to speak up. I want a tshirt that says, “I don’t hear you coming up behind me, please announce yourself.

  4. Thanks John for being the other persistent voice calling upon them to dust up them boots and drip a little sweat…there is work to be done. It may not be glorious but nevertheless it is important it gets done regularly. Tall weeds and plenty of invasive species. There is actually a law in BC for property owners to control and abate the spread of noxious weeds…is the City breaking the law?

  5. I agree with With Mr. Noakes. The city maintenance department has usually trimmed the path before now, but as one can see that is not the case. The path is a favourite for walking, jogging, motorized wheelchairs, and cycling, and is used by young and old alike. If the path is not maintained, an accident is bound to happen as speeding cyclists zoom towards the Overlander Bridge. This is a beautiful shared pathway, providing many with their daily exercise; what a shame to see it neglected. Thanks Mr. Noakes for your insightful letter.

    • John Noakes // July 16, 2020 at 6:31 AM // Reply

      Invasive plant species, street & roads that are poorly maintained and obvious hazards to community safety should sound some alarm bells. In the private sector, personnel changes often address problems. Perhaps the time has come to go that route.

  6. Thank you John Noakes for your response regarding the Rivers Trail. You are indeed correct about the lack of maintenance and weed control ALL along the North Thompson Rivers Trail. The pathway is very bicycle UNFRIENDLY as well as weed invasive. The North Shore tax dollars may be doing wonders in other areas of town but certainly not here..

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