LETTER – Thoughts on the cow/calf moose hunt from a hunter

Re: ‘NDP’s plan to kill more moose cows, calves must be reversed’

As a hunter, a few points I would like to address:

1) once the cow/calf draws are eliminated,  good luck in ever seeing them back again, even after their numbers recover. One calf/cow per unit will not have any impact, if;
a)Natives kill as many as they want
B) natives and probably the public at large would never support it to be reestablished, once gone
C) we keep on spraying roundup to kill of valuable feeding areas
D) predators are not substantially controlled..known fact, one rancher culled 49 wolves 2 winters ago in the big lake/tyee lake area of the cariboo 2. Just one example about an out of control predator problem. As a hunter for 30 years, I have never come across as many wolves the 1/2 dozen years. Years ago one hardly saw a wolf, ungulate numbers were good. Now it’s the opposite.
E) quit blaming fires, moose numbers were dropping for years before the big fires of 2/3 years ago.
F) the crazy moose/caribou management programs was actually first put in place north of Prince George under the Liberal government,  so the insanity is not all on Donaldson….and I would never claim to be an NDP supporter, just give criticism where it’s due.

2) quit getting advise from guide outfitters, all they want to do is shoot large breeding bulls. Science tells us generally one good bull will most likely breed 2 or 3 cows. Too high a cow ratio will result in many dry cows. Better to take some cows than too many bulls.

3) complete rifle ban on atvs, except for designated corridors. How can any animal have a chance with the amount of atv usage out there, not to mention disruption of breeding and feeding routines. Shotguns can be used on atvs for bear protection after a hunter harvests an animal by walking

4) too many grizzly bears. Ungulate mortality by bears, especially calf numbers in spring, would be expected to be high, especially in areas of high grizzly populations.  Bring back the grizzly hunt.

It doesn’t take a lot of studies & science,  just common sense, which seems to be lacking big time. Our society seems to appreciate predators more now than prey, or in the case of people (victims) Look at the crap happening in the states. Media sides more with gangs looting than police protecting. I think that’s lots for now.

Thanks for your care for moose, as moose lives matter too.

Prince George

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1 Comment on LETTER – Thoughts on the cow/calf moose hunt from a hunter

  1. WOW…what a convoluted LTTE showing indeed the need of common sense…and then we blame the government…are we really on our way into total decadence?

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