GINTA – We need driving laws that protect pedestrians first

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A WHILE BACK I read a book that was as poignant as it was scary. It is called A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention, by Matt Richtel.

I mentioned it at the time because of the high volume of drivers busted driving and texting at the time. I am picking up the topic again because somehow the issue of distracted driving does not seem to go away.

How could it? The people at the other end are doing their best to keep our attention hooked to the devices through whatever pings and screen traps necessary.

And yet, as easy as it is to put the blame on that, we ought to remind ourselves that we are responsible to put the phone out of sight — and mind — while driving. Many don’t.


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5 Comments on GINTA – We need driving laws that protect pedestrians first

  1. Thank you for your comment. I agree, everything on cell phones may be convenient but at the cost of our attention.

  2. Well written with so many good points.
    At the same time, one should not avoid talking about the visual and auditory environment present in modern day police vehicles. Do they have video displays which might draw away the driver’s attention from the road ahead? Do they use their hands to select such things as channel information and response over their two-way radio transceiver while the vehicle is in motion?

  3. I much appreciate this thoughtful and timely article. I just came back from a trip around the world where most everyone, seems absorbed in little glowing screens. We are well on our way to becoming robots. But to local matters, with the city proposed panacea, of parking bliss, using apps on our smart phones to hunt down that last available downtown-parking slot. What an endorsement for distracted driving. Picture this mobile chaos on a January night, with events on at the coliseum and the shiny new (hoped for) PAC. You will not catch me trying to walk on those dangerous streets.

  4. Without even reading the article, the headline, a recently court decision and my own daily experience gives me enough impetus to say out loud that yes we do need laws that protect pedestrians first and foremost!

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