FEATURED COMMENTS – Do the PAC right, put in parking now

Conceptual drawing of proposed PAC.

Re: ‘How PAC 2.0 has made downtown parking issue vanish’

I’ve been a season ticket holder at WCTC for 10+ yrs. There are a tremendous amount of elderly and disabled people who attend functions at the theatre. The notion that they can ‘just walk 4 blocks’ isn’t realistic. I’m all in favour of a new PAC.. but, if you’re going to do it.. do it right the first time. Put in as much parking as possible now.

The goal is to grow the city and the help the downtown core flourish. Nothing would be worse than not building the parking now.. and in a few years hearing council say.. ” oh.. if only we’d done it when the PAC was being build, it would have saved SO much money.” Do it right.. the first time.

* side note : if, when they build the new theatre, they made the seats a little bigger with more leg room.. that would be great too


It amazes me that there is a feeling that it’s no problem to walk a few blocks. Tell that to the disabled, who are virtually housebound now because the city can’t be bothered to look after sidewalks and/or walking paths. Never mind the able bodied people taking every close parking spot available. Never mind those that currently park at the coliseum at 3:00 in the afternoon in order to get the few disabled parking spots leaving those that work to fend for themselves. I had to give up going to events at the Sandman because there is never any parking available close to the building.

Once again, the disabled will have to pay for a building they haven’t got a hope in using. This city needs to start understanding that there are disability needs that are never considered. It’s okay. Just walk.


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4 Comments on FEATURED COMMENTS – Do the PAC right, put in parking now

  1. I understand there will be parking available on the perimeter of this venue. It wouldn’t be difficult to allow it to be handicapped parking one hour prior to curtains opening.

  2. // February 17, 2020 at 12:32 PM // Reply

    Kathleen and Betty, how can a senior walk to the bus stop when they are not close to several residences or where housing is on a hill and not all bus stops have a bench to sit while waiting and especially after super when it is not safe with the crime from our drug problem in town. I do not go out after super anymore due to the drug issues. Some would use HandiDART yes but not everyone will as it has issues too that you probably have never thought about.

  3. Kathleen McArthur // February 17, 2020 at 11:56 AM // Reply

    Yes, seniors support the Arts … and some do need parking … a bus can drop seniors right at the door and handiDART can support others … but there are many living unsupported who would love to attend performances of many kinds. Without handicapped parking or underground parking made available (which could be for public use when the PAC parking isn’t required) there are many citizens coming from throughout the TNRD who would be unable to locate a parking stall in downtown Kamloops. Please reconsider underground parking and make it an essential part of the PAC design at the beginning … rather than being sorry 5 years from now. Kamloops CAN afford this.

  4. Betty Arkinstall // February 17, 2020 at 11:45 AM // Reply

    Amen to that! Totally agree

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