LETTER – KAPA has been busy on mining issues during the past two years

Re: Five Important Things Kamloops Must Get Done In 2020 (, Dec. 28, 2019)

Here is KAPA’s input to the provincial government since 2018: YES WE HAVE BEEN ACTIVE!!!

*January 12, 2018 – KAPA submission to Professional Reliance Review with 4 recommendations, among them greater oversight role in value components, and engage independent 3rd party to ensure valid methods and appropriate data standards are employed by professionals during their research, and ensure all major projects that may potentially create significant risks to health be subjected to a panel review.

*March 8, 2018  — KAPA submission to Mining Jobs Task Force composition, recommending that West Coast Environmental Law and the Fair Mining Collaborative be members of this task force in order to benefit from an informed B.C. viewpoint on mining and environmental sustainability.
*April 2, 2018 — KAPA submission to Environmental Assessment Advisory committee, a critical review of a flawed assessment process.

*April 19, 2018 — KAPA Submission to ALR/ALC Revitalization Advisory Committee, including specific recommendations that non-farm uses of ALR lands must not be supported, making note of the mining activity in ALR land south of our city.

*July 14, 2018 — KAPA  submission to the Environmental Assessment Revitalization Discussion Paper focusing on building public trust, rigorous overseeing of decision-making by professionals, rigorous objective scientific assessment, establishing provincial equivalent of a federal panel review, improving public engagement process, active involvement of all levels of government, and improving transparency of the environmental assessment process.

*November 8, 2018 — KAPA Submission to B.C. Mining Reclamation Security Policy public comment period.

*December 29, 2018 — KAPA submission to the Proposed Professional Governance Act, recommending a triad of decision-makers, public involvement in regulatory bodies and pointing out important issues that were not addressed.

*March 2019 — KAPA sent draft resolution to Kamloops City Council asking them to support the UBCM resolution to modernize the Mineral Tenure Act with input from stakeholders,  First Nations and the public (failed).

*April 26, 2019 — KAPA sent letters to provincial politicians calling for modernization of B.C.’s Mineral Tenure Act  (with 2 follow-up e-mails August 8 and November 15).

* September 29,  2019 — KAPA submission to Reviewable Projects Regulation Intentions Paper, including recommendations with regards to effects thresholds, notification requirements, cumulative effects on existing project modifications, and protected areas such as First Nations declared sacred ground and ALR lands.

Kamloops Area Preservation Association

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1 Comment on LETTER – KAPA has been busy on mining issues during the past two years

  1. Trish Keegan // January 3, 2020 at 5:19 PM // Reply

    Thank you Paula and the rest of KAPA members for your continuing work for our community.. Why did Kamloops City Council not support the UBCM resolution to modernize the Mineral Tenure Act? It certainly needs modernizing.

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