LETTER – Revamped political landscape will include a Green MP in Kamloops

Iain Currie at Green Party headquarters.

I write in response to a recent column in Kamloops This Week “Preparing for a revamped political landscape in Kamloops.” 

Kamloops should indeed be preparing for a revamped political landscape.

On one side we find McLeod and Lake, two career politicians, trying to get themselves four more years at the taxpayer funded trough.

On the other side we have Iain Currie. Currie may not have any elected experience but in my humble opinion that’s exactly what our federal government needs more of. For far too long hyper-partisan, dyed in the wool politicians have squabbled in their respective trenches all the while accomplishing next to nothing.

Voters are eager to do away with politics of the past. They’re fed up with seeing the political pendulum swing between the Liberals and Conservatives. They’re tired of having to choose between “bad” or “worse”.

Iain Currie’s local Green party campaign has unbelievable momentum and it only continues to accelerate. The local team has fundraised tens of thousands of dollars in mere weeks. Local greens opened a beautiful campaign office at 134 Victoria Street last week.

The campaign has 100s of volunteers eagerly carrying the party’s positive message to potential supporters (meanwhile liberal and conservative campaigns use paid canvassers going door-to-door trying to scare people into voting the same old way).

And, to top it all off, Jordan Bober has arrived to manage the local campaign fresh off the campaign trail on Prince Edward Island (he was the provincial campaign manager which elected the first green opposition in Canadian history). Jordan is the most successful Green campaign manager in North America and his skills can not be understated.

This certainly will be a Green campaign the likes of which Kamloops has never seen.

We also shouldn’t forget that Currie’s campaign only needs to build moderately on the groundwork from the last provincial election 2 years ago which saw 1-in-5 Kamloopsians vote Green to elect this ridings first green MP.

If all that wasn’t enough already regular polling shows a quarter of all British Columbians plan to vote Green in October.

With the NDP candidate having resigned less than 30 days before the official campaign period is set to begin the likelihood of another credible candidate stepping forward now is quite low. Voters yearning for a progressive Member of Parliament will ultimately get behind the momentum they see in Currie’s campaign. I had this feeling validated recently when I saw former NDP candidate Nancy Bepple at Iain Currie’s most recent garden party pull out her cheque book to donate.

The real choice in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding this election is whether we want to be represented, once again, by a career politician -OR- rather do we want to be represented by someone committed to doing politics differently, someone like Iain Currie.

Many people will be shocked at the local results come October 21. I certainly won’t be one of them.


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5 Comments on LETTER – Revamped political landscape will include a Green MP in Kamloops

  1. “P//”, please read the paragraph again.

  2. Ian M MacKenzie // August 18, 2019 at 7:14 AM // Reply

    P. Graham is right. Whichever candidate is elected will “feed at the public trough”. Unfortunately, until the Greens emerged the public trough has been enlarged to become a corporate slough, and our two historic major parties, through partisan-enforced whips, have dipped deeply. The only party without a whip is the Greens who leave voting to the conscience of their MP’s and MLA’s.
    It is no accident that Elizabeth May has been voted the top parliamentarian so many times by her parliamentary peers. She’s the most hard working,eloquent, credible and civil voice of and for the people in Ottawa today the. So do we want to keep electing politicians who manage a corporate bandwagon or do we want an MP like May who will represent not only us, but all our descendants. in cooperating in farsighted policies to achieve equity and sustainability for all of us?
    It is our responsibility to elect change to the duality which has governed our lives for far too long. That change will be helped by credible people, working from a position of principle, not the trough, like Iain Currie and Elizabeth May.

  3. Whoever wins will “Feed at the public trough,” as you so wisely perceived. know anyone who will serve that job using his own money? Get a grip.

  4. No question people are disenchanted and frustrated with career politicians. But I would also argue some of the people are equally tired of gratuitous campaign slogans and innuendos. We have experienced, at a local level, much pretense pre-election by newbie candidates but it all fizzled out not long afterwards.
    By the way, I am surprised to read the provincial election of 2017 elected a local Green MP.
    Provincial elections elect MLAs, last time I checked…and the current local MLA ain’t Green at all.

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