ROTHENBURGER – City council’s toughest choice – green or growth

City council votes on Coun. Arjun Singh’s motion on climate change.

SELDOM HAS AN ISSUE been so starkly defined within the walls of Kamloops City Hall as during council’s climate change debate.

And never before have we heard Coun. Arjun Singh speak so articulately and passionately as he did when he proposed his motion to set strict targets for meeting anti-climate change goals.

The choice is this: green or growth.

The 8-1 vote in favour of Singh’s motion doesn’t reflect the divergence of opinion on the issue.

Singh made it clear he understands that green involves pain but insists it’s necessary and “not negotiable.” Mayor Ken Christian, on the other hand, puts growth ahead of green. More specifically, he’s onside with green as long as it isn’t at the expense of growth.

Singh’s two-part motion resolves to set a goal for reducing community greenhouse gas emissions “in line with Kamloops’ portion of global efforts to keep global temperature rise to 1.5C” and to “mandate” staff to outline actions to get there.


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5 Comments on ROTHENBURGER – City council’s toughest choice – green or growth

  1. R A George // July 6, 2019 at 10:20 PM // Reply

    Time to get back to the Model A Ford. ,Anyone can replace a fender or spark plug and most everything.They could be equipped with an automatic transmission with overdrive or a standard with syncromesh and capable of 50 MPH,thats 80 in Trudeau senior.Also the regular round sealbeams and hydraulic brakes.
    I,m with Counc. Singh 100% . With Green we may survive as a species.with Mr. Christian’s approach, we cannot.

  2. Ian M MacKenzie // July 6, 2019 at 7:21 PM // Reply

    Actually the sky is falling. Like most citizens who accept the words of the vast majority of scientists we subsidize to advise us, Arjun Singh agrees that we should all become Greta Thunberg and speak and act passionately on the issue of global warming and its manmade sources.
    Why are we willing to continue with business as usual and doom our descendants to a planet far less liveable than the one we have enjoyed? Aren’t we but stewards of this lovely earth during our short time on it? Don’t we have the responsibility to act that way for our children and their children and their children?
    Why do we somehow believe that we can have our cake and eat it too? Why do we listen to the Trudeau’s and Christians who accept the obvious falsehood that green and growth can flourish together? Why don’t we speak truth to power when our leaders make mockery of our intelligence by declaring an environmental crisis followed a day later by the ultimate hypocrisy of promoting another climate destroying pipeline?
    Why aren’t we all Gretas and Arjuns who struggle with the need to speak out and make the rest of us ashamed by expressing their true feelings while we act like the ostrich?
    Thank you Greta, and Arjun, and Mel, and all the increasing number of frightened folk who are beginning to reject corporate and political duplicity and willing to vote and act with a green conscience.
    Yes, we will all have to pay more to save this planet. It has been our cake and we’ve been wolfing it down. Our selfish and shortsighted consumerism must end, otherwise the cost of rectifying the damage done by extreme weather events alone will bankrupt us all.
    Don’t give up on this, Arjun, despite the concerrns of fellow councillors.
    Don’t compromise.
    This WILL be the most important thing you’ll ever do as a City councillor.

  3. Richard Lodmell // July 6, 2019 at 6:43 PM // Reply

    You “Chicken Little’s” should check out: – A Different Perspective

    The public is becoming more and more aware of the global warming / climate change hoax and soon those who have tax scammed them will held accountable for the theft of their money.

  4. Marcus Lowe // July 6, 2019 at 5:20 PM // Reply

    Green and Growth are one and the same if eyes can see it. Mankind’s history has been that of “hewers of wood” and Green is “growers of wood” the balance for sustainable progress is as simple as plant, and nurture-to-mature, more trees: a better carbon tax does not exist in this world…

  5. Well, as an example let’s think about the secondary suites issue and how it is a one degree of a 360-degree picture. Notwithstanding dubious economic benefits, encouraging secondary suites all over town rather than encouraging rental and multi-family dwellings (i.e. apartment buildings) closer to shops and other amenities, will increase the carbon footprint of the city. Even if we all buy Teslas, how much plastic and resources does it take to build them? Local matters always have a global “shadow” and they are inseparable, especially on matters of climate and pollution.
    Speaking passionately on one issue but effectively doing something diametrically opposite is “Facebook-type” posturing meaning going after “likes” rather than methodically coherent but perhaps unpopular policies. That’s just straight from the (my) guts…

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