FEATURED COMMENT – Regional pyrolysis plant is answer to biosolids

Biochar, created by gasifying old tires, biosolids and wood chips. (Image, City of Lebanon, Tennessee)

Re: EDITORIAL – City council has a lot of explaining to do about Turtle Valley

I’m not privy to what goes on at city hall any more but I did sit on the biosolids committee last year.

Land application was chosen as a short term solution because we learned the hard way that stockpiling creates the worst smell of all. The city cannot tell the contractor where the biosolids can be dumped. It is provincial jurisdiction that governs where and how biosolids are spread.

Currently all the new technology is unproven. Once there is a proven technology the best solution would be for the province to build regional pyrolysis plants or something similar. The city doesn’t have the quantity of crap necessary to run such a plant.

Full disclosure, I am personally very concerned about the makeup of sewage sludge. It’s what we don’t know that concerns me the most.


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3 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Regional pyrolysis plant is answer to biosolids

  1. tony brumell // May 6, 2019 at 11:12 AM // Reply

    lets have The SCIENTISTS at TRU do the SCIENCE of bio solids.I do not believe that prions exist in biosolids as they do not exist in the gut of any critter.They exist (non living tissue- no DNA )) in the spinal fluid and the neural tissue in the brain.. Prions are next to impossible to destroy but they can be tested for. All the hype about prions is just that “hype” until the science proves otherwise.A batch of biosolids that is going to be sold should be tested for prions and if any exist in the entire batch it must be incinerated .and made safe.

  2. Luca Vincent // May 6, 2019 at 6:45 AM // Reply

    There are hundreds of different pyrolysis plants up and running around the world – both smaller and larger than the one needed for Kamloops. There are also all kinds of gasification plants and ultra-clean incineration plants (that have such good filtration that the emissions are less than occur from a landfill site). Here is some background info on these plants –

    Also check out new research done at UWO in Ontario – February 2018 – Pyrolysis as an Economical and Ecological Treatment Option for Solid Anaerobic Digestate and Municipal Sewage Sludge –

  3. If all the technology is unproven then even a pyrolysis plan may not be money well spent. Also I doubt this is a problem only confined to Kamloops, hence other jurisdictions must be at a conundrum. Lastly, I wonder why we elect and pay for politicians if what we get is a shoulders shrug. On many levels the politicians need to act, like funding research, hiring experts and ultimately telling industry to stop introducing harmful molecules which end up in the “stuff” and remembering that everything is connected, that every singularity is one degree of a 360-degree picture.

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