LETTER – TNRD directors display disappointing lack of transparency

Democracy works best with transparency, openness, and keeping the public apprised of how and why elected officials make decisions in the public interest.

TNRD directors have displayed a disappointing lack of transparency that threatens to undermine confidence of regional voters. As a citizen and resident affected by the decisions made by TNRD directors, the recent decision to overwhelmingly reject Mel Rothenburger’s motion to review having the votes of our elected TNRD representatives recorded for the public record, is troubling.

A majority of TNRD directors have shown disregard for the public by defeating a motion to explore a cost effective solution to establish a public record on how TNRD directors are voting on individual issues.

TNRD generally allow the public and media in to observe proceedings but there is no record of how your particular representative is voting. It is incumbent upon individual directors to request that their vote be recorded for the public record after every vote. This not a very efficient option, and it is rarely exercised by TNRD directors.

That there is no voting record is simply unacceptable and confounding given that the technology to record the votes of 26 or more elected officials has been available for some time.

The defeat of a reasonable attempt for transparency and openness for these elected officials, is a slap in the face to citizens living in this regional district. Unless the vote takes place at a special in-camera or closed meeting, having public access to the voting record of all public officials is a fundamental democratic right of all citizens.

TNRD citizens, which I am just one of many, deserve to have law makers who will be committed to transparency and openness. The voting record allows citizens the opportunity to scrutinize the activities of elected officials and public servants to ensure that they are acting in the public interest.

Secrecy is not good for democracy.


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2 Comments on LETTER – TNRD directors display disappointing lack of transparency

  1. Beverley Campbell // April 27, 2019 at 9:32 AM // Reply

    Years ago, Kamloops City Council votes used to be presented in the Kamloops Daily News, it was a wonderful, open and refreshing method for Council members to have their thoughts and decisions available to the general public. TNRD, however, has since inception been secretive and closed off, I remember once phoning and asking (years ago) what the policy of the TNRD was as regards stray, neglected, homeless animals in the TNRD, the response was, “we don’t have one” and an immediate hang up, that person is no longer representing the TNRD but I couldn’t even tell you who is now.

  2. Bonita Anhalt // April 26, 2019 at 9:28 PM // Reply

    Makes you wonder – what they are hiding under 🕵 👁

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