PETERS – Our biosolids, our business – we should all be concerned about it

(Image: CFJC Today)

HUMANS HAVE NEVER BEEN especially good at dealing with our waste.

We like to do silly things with our garbage like toss it out the window of our cars for someone else to handle.

Just slightly better is our brilliant plan to collect our garbage in big mountains before burying it under a thin layer of topsoil, the perfect embodiment of “out of sight, out of mind”.

When it comes to the waste that human bodies more literally produce, we’re doing better.

After all, we are one of the only species of animals that doesn’t just drop it wherever and whenever nature calls.


James Peters is the radio anchor at CFJC, coming to Kamloops in 2006. He anchors the afternoon news on B-100 and 98.3 CIFM, and contributes weekly editorials to the CFJC Evening News. He tweets regularly @Jamloops.

1 Comment on PETERS – Our biosolids, our business – we should all be concerned about it

  1. Also very concerning the way City staff and council signed off on a few million dollars contract with Arrow, basically without proper assurances from that company which was already involved in a serious issue in regards to biosolids right here in twin rivers city. The lack of oversite and assurances has now caused another group of people some pretty serious headaches.

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