PETERS – Has a public institution ever been as out of touch as the Legislature?

(Image: Twitter/ Shannon Waters)

WHEN LEGISLATIVE SPEAKER Darryl Plecas outlined in his eponymous report instances of flagrant spending by entitled legislative officers earlier this year, the widespread conclusion was that it was clear the culture of the BC Legislature is out of touch with the expectations of the real world.

Even if there weren’t rules against the opulent spending on the taxpayers’ dime, how could those officers possibly think their behaviour was reasonable or responsible?

As it turns out, Plecas himself may be just as out of touch.

This week, Plecas’s office suddenly began arbitrarily enforcing a decades-old dress code for the legislature that mandates women must wear essentially full business suits while working in and around the Chamber.


James Peters is the radio anchor at CFJC, coming to Kamloops in 2006. He anchors the afternoon news on B-100 and 98.3 CIFM, and contributes weekly editorials to the CFJC Evening News. He tweets regularly @Jamloops.

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