McQUARRIE – The question inevitably arises, ‘Who’s going to pay for it?’


“WHO’S GOING to pay for it?” It’s the battle cry of many when it comes to ideas that would improve society and if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this, I would be writing this piece from some exotic tropical island instead of the Island in the North Pacific.

The who is going to pay for it excuse is in many instances, individuals using their indoor voice but actually saying, “It doesn’t directly benefit me and I live in a world that is all about me, so I don’t care and don’t want to pay for it.”

There are many variations of the statement but they share that common theme of a disregard for and the isolation of others.

Let’s take, as an example, the issue of affordable daycare, which on average is costing parents in B.C., $12,000 a year.

Amazingly, It costs more to put your young child into daycare then it does to send them to university. It represents about 63 per cent of the average cost of a rental in Kamloops. And it has a huge impact on local economic activity.

It’s more than a paycheque that goes missing when a parent leaves their job. Future retirement benefits are reduced, purchases are not made and workforce re-entry will likely require the expense of training and/or re-certification or, alternatively, a willingness to take on a lesser job.

There’s also the hidden costs or collateral damage resulting from the social isolation experienced by many stay-at-home parents. It can even lead to the entrenchment of such gender based roles as ‘breadwinner’ and ‘homemaker.’ And even when or if the homemaker returns to work, the die is cast and the roles will remain unchanged.

It could be said that the road to equality is often mortally wounded at home, the unintended damage of a society less and less willing to share wealth, responsibility or compassion.

The issue of childcare and the consequential impacts can be fixed quickly but previous attempts have been and continue to be blocked by those individuals who cry out, “But who is going to pay for it?”  Well, the truth of the matter is that, one way or the other, you, the parents and everyone else are going to pay for it. We either pay to correct it or we pay to repair the damage that will be done.

We call ourselves a society for a reason and as a society and in this regard, it is time we faced our responsibilities and began the process of fixing what we have messed up over the past few decades.

For instance: If all those working in B.C. had to pay an additional 40 cents a day in taxes ($12/month), we as taxpayers would raise $400,000,000 a year.  That equates to nearly 29,000 monthly daycare spaces in B.C. being available on an annual basis.

However, the who’s going to pay for it crowd hates giving anyone, anything for free, so here’s the compromise deal.  Instead of paying a whole 40 cents a day towards a better future for your sons, daughters, neighbours kids, grandkids, village, town or city, let the miserly streak shine, cut your 40 pennies contribution in half and begrudgingly kick in a whole 20 cents.

I realize it will be hard to go against the, ‘I worked hard for my money’ mindset but get over it and do it.  Besides, on the bright side, at 20 cents a day, you will be forcing new parents to come up with $600 a month for each child as their share and that should make you feel better

There is an outside chance it could be even more affordable and doable if the NDP government followed through on their long promised but yet to be delivered, $10/day day-care policy.  But for now, maybe having everyone take back their responsibility and begin acting like the society we are suppose to be is a good enough start.

Bill McQuarrie is a former Kamloops entrepreneur who now lives on Vancouver Island. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.


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6 Comments on McQUARRIE – The question inevitably arises, ‘Who’s going to pay for it?’

  1. Mike Marshall // February 17, 2019 at 4:04 PM // Reply

    Great article Bill. I just hope you are not counting on the miserly detractors seeing the logic, common sense and viability of the info you shared.

  2. I don’t mind the small increases for what you suggest….but what truly irks me is the horendous spending right now of our Federal Government on items around the world when we have homeless still sleeping on the streets….the money could be spent on housing for them, and education so they could become contributors and off the welfare roll forever. How about a suitable wage and pension for our armed services? The list goes on and on. But Mr. Trudeau finds it important to help some third world country to understand gay people. How about the exhorbitant spending on accomodation for some unregistered immigrants that is 10 times more than what is a seniors monthly income, that they paid for in the first place. Sorry…if you want my money, you need to tell me where it is going..for sure…no lies….and prove it !!

  3. Michael Gilgan // February 17, 2019 at 10:16 AM // Reply

    -It’s more than a paycheque that goes missing when a parent leaves their job.-
    A parent’s job is to raise their children. That’s what we are doing. The factory school system is the root of ALL social problems. Parents abdicate responsibility for teaching their children to the system because the system didn’t educate the parents properly in the first place. Our 5 year old reads, writes does math at a level far beyond what the factory would have her doing, meanwhile parents of other 5 year olds are at work with their kids at an expensive babysitter waiting for them to reach school age so that they can get started.

    -There’s also the hidden costs or collateral damage resulting from the social isolation experienced by many stay-at-home parents. –

    The collateral damage comes from parents being isolated from their children under the excuse that they are providing for their children but the truth is the intimacy that makes for a healthy family is degraded and lost. Parents are so conditioned to not deal with their own children that they scream for ME time within hours of being reunited with them. That’s when the electronic babysitter takes over. Games, television, Internet.
    Booze and drugs are then the escape, first for the parents and before long, the children.
    This article presupposes that the right direction is growth for growth’s sake and perpetuates the idea that consumption is an entitlement and a virtue. Absolutely not!

    This country needs smaller homes, less consumption, more efficiency so that parents have more time to spend with their kids. We need to bust that isolation.

  4. G Stewart Duncan // February 17, 2019 at 9:57 AM // Reply

    Socialists/communists never object to spending someone else’s money.
    Why? Because socialists feel like the rest of the world owes them something (usually money). It’s “theirs” simply because someone else has it.
    And there’s no end of excuses to justify taking someone else’s earnings if it’s of benefit to the greedy, self-righteous socialist. “Who’s going to pay for it?,” asks the socialists, “because I certainly don’t want to!”

  5. Don Drysdale // February 17, 2019 at 8:53 AM // Reply

    Well heck I am being ripped off with the carbon tax paying something for nothing because no government ever spends money on what they say and it is no longer revenue neutral as if it ever was. Take that tax for your daycare, but please don’t try your sympathy card on me, not my kids and I have enough on my plate without more taxes for social engineering programs.

  6. One of the variations of the statement is in regards to tax evasion. Can you just imagine how many childcare spaces would be available if the sovereign would to collect on what’s owned to it?

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