LETTER – What will candidates do to support business in Kamloops?


Open letter to the citizens of Kamloops regarding the 2018 civic election:

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (KCBIA) represents Downtown businesses, developers and property owners.  The following information is not intended to declare candidate support by either the KCBIA or Board of Directors during the 2018 civic election process.

Rather, we endeavor to reinforce the importance of this upcoming election and encourage all eligible voters to methodically consider the abilities of candidates in advance of making selections.

The City of Kamloops council members are required to regularly make decisions that affect Downtown businesses.  As such, individuals who support Downtown businesses are viable candidates worthy of voter consideration.  To assist voters in making decisions, we are asking each candidate to answer the following questions, the results of which will be made available on the KCBIA website (

As a voter, you are well positioned to ask tough questions of candidates.  Businesses are the economic drivers of our community and intelligent political decisions require well thought out, big-picture thinking.  Consequences of not making rational decisions can essentially paralyze our business community.

Ensure the candidates you support are well informed regarding business matters including issues such as commercial taxation, tax distribution and zoning.  Serious contenders should truly comprehend the most significant issues facing our city.  Be concerned regarding any candidate who is singular-focused or, is attempting to impose their own personal agenda as they may not be best suited to fairly represent voters and our community.

Name recognition alone should not warrant support for any candidate.  Take time to reflect on the accomplishments and capabilities of all individuals vying for a seat on council. Officially, the position of councilor is part-time, however, the responsibilities require a full-time commitment.

All election candidates seeking positions of either Mayor and/or Councilor are invited to submit written responses to the following questions, no later than October 11th, 2018.

All responses should be emailed to

Question #1;

If elected what will be your top priority to sustain current businesses in Downtown Kamloops?

Question #2;

If elected, what would you do to enhance businesses currently located in Downtown Kamloops?

Question #3;

If elected, describe what you would do to encourage, facilitate and attract new and existing businesses to locate in Downtown Kamloops.

KCBIA Executive Director

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2 Comments on LETTER – What will candidates do to support business in Kamloops?

  1. Linda Bentz // October 4, 2018 at 1:22 PM // Reply

    For the 43 years that I have lived here the downtown area has been expecting preferential treatment. AND GETTING IT Perhaps changes will come this year?

  2. I just wonder what all the businesses scattered throughout the city would think if a special treatment is offered to the “downtown” ones. Comes to think…why the special treatment? Why would anyone ask for one?

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