McQUARRIE – City should correct mistake, buy back old railway station

(Image: Mel Rothenburger, file photo)

WHAT BUILDING did the City sell to the private sector for $1 that every summer sees more than a 100,000 high-end visitors from around the world?

Need another hint? It is one of the few heritage buildings remaining in the City and until recently, had the Keg restaurant using the entire space.

I’m referring to the CN Heritage Station and a few years ago, under the leadership of then Mayor Peter Milobar, City politicians voted 5/4 in favour of selling the station to the Culos Group, a Kelowna based development company owned by well-known local developer, Mike Culos. And the sale amount wasn’t a typo as the purchase price was just $1.

Jump forward a couple of years to today and Mr. Culos now has the CN Station and adjoining property up for sale for just over $2 million.

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

3 Comments on McQUARRIE – City should correct mistake, buy back old railway station

  1. I agree with this 100%. That sale should never have happened, but what do you expect from a mayor ( at that time ) who was a good little Liberal. We all know that good little Liberals love to reward rich developers with nuggets like this on the cheap. Council does need to buy this property back, and charge Culos a huge fee for cutting the trees without a permit or other permissions. After council buys this property back, we all need to remember how the wastrels spend our tax dollars. It’s not long till the election, and people need to get off thier behinds and vote this time.

  2. Hmm, city buys surface parking lot for millions and sells heritage treasure in lovely location for a buck. I am more than a little curious about how the city land deals unfold. Oh for some daylight to shine on these mysterious doings.

  3. There are a lot of expensive mistakes the “City” should owe up to…the KDN building fiasco is a recent one and let’s not forget the forever ongoing issues of the Aberdeen hills ground water issues…allowing developers to proceed unchecked in hydro-geologically challenging area…private profits…collective expenditures…

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