PETERS – We’ve spent eons trying to harness fire, but we still can’t control it

Tunkwa Lake wildfire. (Image: BC Wildfire Service)

EVER SINCE humanity learned to harness the power of combustion, we have found it very useful.

Fire gave us heat and light, allowing us to exist comfortably in the night time and in colder climates.

We learned to cook our food with it, and that made our food more tasty and less likely to kill us.

Eventually, fire allowed us to power machines that took human potential to another level.

But before we introduced ourselves to fire, fire introduced itself to us.

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James Peters is the radio anchor at CFJC, coming to Kamloops in 2006. He anchors the afternoon news on B-100 and 98.3 CIFM, and contributes weekly editorials to the CFJC Evening News. He tweets regularly @Jamloops.

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