GINTA – Taking care of the park so many of us love is worth it

(Image: Daniela Ginta)

LAST WEDNESDAY, rain made Peterson Creek burst with the freshest green I’ve seen in a long time. At just past 8am, there were no other people. Just rain-bejewelled leaves, tiny buds coaxed by overnight dampness and the wild rushing creek, now a fixture as the snowpack melts up high.

Dog and I start up the Billy Miner Trail, then turn right and follow the Falls View Trail for a view of the falls. At the start of the trail, a sign advises that the trail is now closed to cyclists due to steepness and erosion. There are bike tracks on the steep trail just the same.

I’ve met cyclists on this trail before. Some flew by us without stopping, as we barely got out of the way. Hiking, more so on the bike-restricted trails, can be a wonderfully quiet experience. Not if a trail hairpin becomes a startling encounter.

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Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog at

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