FORSETH – As Big Three parties feed at the trough, others are left in the cold

THE THREE MAIN parties, filling their bank accounts with taxpayers money, all seem to believe it shouldn’t be done.  So then why have NONE decided decline this month’s windfall jackpot, that instead SHOULD BE GOING to health services, education, and other social services?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; “Ideally only individuals should be able to donate up to a limit, similar to our federal system.

Instead, BC Liberals, NDP, and Green Party all headed to a taxpayer funded, and fully paid for, buffet. This from the Globe and Mail, in the Wednesday edition:

” … British Columbia taxpayers just deposited $2.4-million into the bank accounts of the province’s three main political parties — the first installment of a subsidy designed to wean them off corporate and union donations. The governing New Democrats and BC Liberals each received nearly $1-million, a contrast from traditional donations in which the Liberals significantly outraised the NDP. The third-place Greens got $415,000… ”

After pointing this out, an occasional commenter, to my posts stated, “Well at least it’s better than corporations and unions filling their coffers.”

I DISAGREE, and said so.

Sorry, Jeff, but I strongly disagree. If individuals (not corporations) want to donate to a party (the amount within reason) fine. Government, however, should not be subsidizing parties.

Even if they do, however, what about individuals running as independents?  They get nothing.

Smaller parties with only a handful if candidates? They also get nothing?

This government largesse is only being shelled out to well funded and well entrenched parties, and it’s crap!!

Back came Jeff stating, “I agree there shouldn’t be subsidies too. But given a choice, it’s better than having special interests giving you cash, who will later expect favors in return. Ideally only individual should be able to donate up to a limit, similar to our federal system.”

But let’s again come around to a brief comment I made above.

Who are the only ones to benefit, by becoming a pig at the trough, and therefore chowing down on taxpayer money?  It’s only the big three — the BC NDP … the BC Liberals … and the Green party.

BC Libertarians?  NOPE!

BC Conservatives?  NOPE.

Any other parties?  NOPE.  Here’s the thing, however, I don’t want them to get any taxpayer money either.

And again, what about candidates who are running as independents?

Would they not have an even greater need for funds to allow them to cut through all the advertising messages of the major parties?  Who would have the hardest time getting their message out?  And, who would have the least amount of funds to run a campaign?


So… it certainly looks like a wonderful system for the Liberals, NDP, and Greens.  As the only established parties, they are the only ones hitting a threshold high enough to get this money..

The BC NDP … Liberals … and Green parties will all get those millions.  NOT the education system … children in care …. seniors … health care system … or those with physical and mental disabilities.

Last Fall, Ralph Sultan, of the BC Liberals, stated, “It’s a money grab on a scale which is neither casual nor minor.”

He was right, and he still is.  Still, the BC Liberals choose to take this money anyway.

I hope they choke on it.

In Kamloops., I’m Alan Forseth.  Got a comment to make?  This is your chance to share it now.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada and the B.C. Reform Party, and a past and current member of the BC Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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5 Comments on FORSETH – As Big Three parties feed at the trough, others are left in the cold

  1. Politicians of all types and parties are only interested in two things; money and votes. Nothing else matters.

  2. Agree for the reasons given that political parties should not be government funded. I understand that Horgan specifically said that although there would be changes to corporate and union donations, political parties would not be funded/subsidized with our tax dollars. He lied to British Columbians. All parties have taken the money at this point, likely to maintain a level playing field, however Liberal leader hopeful Todd Stone has said that the BC Liberals would not take government funding if he is elected leader, and that he would stop government subsidies to all political parties if he becomes premier of BC.

  3. The conservative would not give the money to a social cause…because every time a conservative gets a change at governing it does not give money to social causes and when it does is for half-hearted, poorly conceived and ineffective programs. Conservatives protect the interests of the rich and powerful.

    • Alan Forseth // January 29, 2018 at 10:07 AM // Reply

      You ARE NOT a conservative Pierre, and you do not speak for the; especially myself.

      Protecting the rights if the rich and powerful?? That could be said of any coldhearted individuals– IN ANY PARTY That doesn’t speak for the majority however.

      Conservatives, myself among then, want the best for society as a while. Not a handout however; instead a handup

      • Actually Alan, history speaks for itself and the conservatives…that is why I am not one of them.

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