FORSETH: Oh, great, more sunny ways heading our way from the Liberals

Jason Kenney speaks to supporters. (Image: Facebook)

What qualifies someone to lead the BC Liberals? The individual doesn’t need to have deep political experience … the power of charisma goes a long way


Who among any of the leadership candidate hoping to be elected on Feb. 3 has ruffled any sacred feathers in the BC Liberal Party?

IF the BC Liberal Party is indeed the free enterprise coalition (a claim I have shredded on numerous occasions), then why has no leadership candidate mentioned anything about the success of Jason Kenney’s unity party right next door in Alberta?

Is it NOT a welcomed idea, and if so, why not?   Like Kenney, a new leader will have to mold the party (again that so-called coalition) into the form and shape he or she desires.

Have I missed the news story somewhere?  The one where the media ask candidates why this discussion, on comparable free-enterprise parties in Canada, isn’t part of the discussion.  Especially during a leadership race?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that no one, in the media, has ever asked the capital “L” liberal side of the coalition (at least to the best of my knowledge) what they’ve had to give up, or been expected to give up, to keep the coalition strong.

I for one would have to believe (given what we have all seen) that conservatives in the coalition have given up first social, and now fiscal policies for the sake of what?  What about parental rights … mounting debt … and more?

Why is that?  Is it because the BC Liberal Party, with powerful federal Liberals  in positions of power, are quintessential political chameleons?  Everyone knows they campaign on the right, and then govern on the left.


Can we ask who has the biggest CAPITAL ‘L’ liberal tag stuck on their back?

Perhaps foremost in my mind, would be new comer Michael Lee.  That’s because  Lee’s campaign team includes Mark Marissen, a former strategist for the Liberal Party of Canada and the ex-husband of former premier Christy Clark.

Doesn’t that alone blow his conservative posturing?  Seriously, after Marissen became part of Team Lee, what card carrying BC Liberal could honestly trust his self-touted credentials in being conservative?

Want more to bolster that thought?

On Sept. 26, in an interview with the CBC, Lee was asked about former premier Christy Clark’s contentious throne speech.  The one last June in which she borrowed?/ stole? numerous policies directly from the Greens and NDP — ones fiscally reckless.  Lee was very much a supporter of Christy Clark’s throne speech.

And on the same day in the Vancouver Sun, Michael Lee got this ringing endorsement as to why he could be elected as the next leader:  “He may not have deep political experience, but you can’t discount the power of charisma.”

Great!  That’s all we need!  Another sunny ways headed our way!

Interestingly enough I have also had it presented to me, by several BC political friends, that Todd Stone should be firmly planted in the capitol “L” camp as well.  Honestly I have to say I find that interesting.

I think we can look at the unnerving silence, from the (again so-called) BC Liberal coalition, that it really isn’t one of compromises.  Rather, it is very much a big “L” liberal party of the same mold as its federal counterpart.

Could that change with former Surrey mayor, and for a very brief time Conservative Party MP, Diane Watts at the helm?  I don’t know.  What I do believe, however, is her only chance is a win on the first ballot.

While there does appear to be a strong sentiment for change, how far will the hierarchy at the helm allow that change to be permitted?   The party has doubled its membership in this race, and I hear she is doing well in the sign-ups.  Regardless, she has a HUGE hill to climb.

Have I forgotten all of the others?  Certainly not.

Andrew Wilkinson is the quintessential bureaucrat — no chance.  Ditto for Dianne Watts.

If Mike de Jong is elected I have to wonder if we’ll see a repeat of when Social Credit elected Rita Johnson.

I’m just guessing, but if I was to put a dollar on the winner, my bet would be on a Sam Sullivan win — but only after several rounds of counting votes.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada and the B.C. Reform Party, and a past and current member of the BC Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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