LETTER – Kamloops needs to become more dog friendly


Woman’s best friend too. I recently lost my best friend, Romeo, to prostate cancer. He was a beloved shih-tzu cross and he left me far too soon at only 9 years old. He was with me for 5 years.

I live alone and am a senior. Now the dilemma is “should I get another dog?” I have always had a dog, and sometimes dogs, but it will soon be time to sell my house and downsize. I want to move into Cottonwood but they have a “no pet” rule. No dogs, cats, birds. I don’t think I  can live the rest of my life without a dog. I am missing Romeo so much. My house is very lonely without him.

A few years ago two of my dogs were St John Ambulance Therapy dogs and we visited Ponderosa Lodge and Kamloops Seniors Village on a regular basis. I know only too well how much pets mean to seniors. Everyone we visited would tell stories of their dogs and it was so clear how much they missed them. When my mom moved into Glenfair several years ago she had to give up her dog. ( I took the dog) Mom actually thought she would have to have her pet put to sleep. So sad.

This has turned into a long rant but, after watching my poor mom go through having to make these awful decisions, now I find myself at the same stage of life. I’m only 71 years old and I plan to live a long time. I cannot imagine living without a dog for the rest of my life.

So . . . . . . If you start ” a movement” to make Kamloops more dog-friendly, I want to join!! Count me in. Let’s help change the attitudes and rules that discriminate so badly against man’s AND woman’s best friends.

Thank you Mel for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Maybe something will change as a result.



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2 Comments on LETTER – Kamloops needs to become more dog friendly

  1. Deann Martin // January 6, 2018 at 7:22 PM // Reply

    Sally I know where you are coming from I have lived in a kamloops apt complex 11 yrs we have good pet policy but now for variety of reasons I am planning a move but I also have small breed have had dog for over 40 yrs living here.I need my dog for companionship but never did get the medical certificate . In downtown south shore there are a variety of 55&up bldgs mostly all owner occupied many with no pets allowed as is the case with the rental only my present bldgs for 11 years been living here &we can have 2 small pets there have been no pet problems but we do have owner problems including drug activity. I have been advocating for allowing seniors especially to have a small pet. There is currently a group province wide called PetsOKBC Ck it out on Facebook as I understand they have already met with some MLAs &the Premior is aware & pet owners . I use a Waller & my little dog travels in her own carrier bag in the walker. Some places allow dogs others a no go. Some down bldgs I have enquirer about having a pet are very rude in answering Don’t give up keep asking write the paper or if you see a letter in paper wanting renters to have a small keep replying. Ck put the above website &support it & watch the kamloops pet friendly Facebook page. Pets are a health benefit for seniors pets aren’t the problem but people are &pet owners usually have to pay an extra damage deposits The downtown core is a great area to develope as a senior community that is pet friendly with appropriate size stipulation.

  2. Kevin Cowan // January 6, 2018 at 9:36 AM // Reply

    I am sorry to hear of your dilemma. One possible answer is dog sharing. We were walking our dog on the beach in Sidney at Christmas when we met a lady who shares a dog with her daughter. Her daughter’s work took her out of town and when it did, the dog would move in with mom. She said that the dog spent about 1/3 of its time with her. She said it was perfect because she then had time to do other things in her own life without having to consider the dog’s needs. Apparently other forms of dog sharing are springing up spontaneously. Sometimes it involves house sitting. Sometimes for a few days. Perhaps just for a few hours. People who want dogs in their life but who have life constraints are limited only by their imaginations. I hope you are able to think of something. I have not looked but there is probably more information about this on the web.

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