LETTER – It’s time we changed the laws on where dogs are allowed

Reader agrees that dogs should be allowed to accompany their owners in some public places. (Image: Armchair Mayor, screenshot, CFJC)

First of all a big THANK YOU for the video on allowing dogs in restaurants (Armchair Mayor editorial). It was as if you took the words out of my mouth. I had actually contacted both SPCA and Animal protection party last year regarding this matter but both were too busy with other issues to help out.

Most countries in Europe allow pets in restaurants and public transits. I find this country full of contradictions. We go out of our way to save a bear cub or an animal in distress, yet we allow them to be hunted.  People get penalized when they leave their dogs in cars in hot weather yet they cannot take them inside cooler malls.

We bought a puppy in February of 2017 whom we adore but my life style has changed for better and for worse. When the girls go to their dance classes for hours, we are stuck in the rain and cold most of the time. My dog has anxiety and so do we now. I cannot and will not leave him at home as some would suggest. It is time for Canada to step up and do some changes.

There are various arguments regarding allergies etc.. which all can be dealt with. There are people who are concerned about pet allergy, but it is no different than having sea food or nuts allergy when going to restaurants. In fact, my husband is deadly allergic to shellfish but I am not after restaurants to not serve them!

What we need is a balance. Places that allow dogs and places that do not.

I would like to start a petition to change this law; however, I am not sure how to start. I particularly will need help with the wording of this petition. I also believe that it cannot be an online petition and I will need to gather actual signatures. For now, I have reserved the domain name:

This morning I also reached out to another organization in B.C. hoping to get some help regarding this matter. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them.

Thanks again for the wonderful video.

All the best and happy new year.


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2 Comments on LETTER – It’s time we changed the laws on where dogs are allowed

  1. It would be great if dogs were allowed into more places. We always take our dogs, two very small dogs, on holidays. No sense leaving them in a kennel and worrying about them the whole time. But it limits where we can go so much that most of the time its just a car trip and pit stops with the dogs. Shopping is almost impossible, meals are mostly drive through, lucky that many hotels now allow pets. Our dogs are family, we have always had pets and have not contracted any disease or illness, they are cleaner than many people. I realize that dog poop can be a problem in places like malls where everything is concrete and no place to walk a dog for a bathroom break. There must be a way around this without it costing a huge amount of money to provide a small space for this purpose in retail areas.

  2. M. Morton: Please visit the entrances to Kenna Cartwright park, is littered with dog poo…gross, disgusting and pervasive. Too many dog owners do not display enough civic responsibility and the laws should be directed towards addressing this bad attitude.

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