EDITORIAL – God should have picked somebody else to look after animals

(Image: Pixabay, CC0 public domain)

An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

WHEN GOD gave humans stewardship over all creatures great and small, She really screwed up.

According to scientists, some 322 species of birds, mammals and reptiles have gone extinct in the past 500 years, thanks to humans.

We’re all familiar with the passenger pigeon — which once numbered in the billions — and the Dodo bird. We ate both of them into extinction.

Twenty thousand species of plants and animals are at high risk, and we’re losing several species every day.

We’re always taking one step forward, and two back. In B.C, where we have about 15,000 grizzly bears left, the NDP government will ban grizzly bear trophy hunting effective the end of next week.

But… and it’s a big one… outside the Great Bear Rainforest they can still be hunted for meat, meaning you can shoot them for sport if you don’t take the trophy parts home with you. Environmentalist David Suzuki calls it a “political sleight of hand.”

Then there’s the wolf cull. There are 8,000 or so wolves still alive in B.C. but we’re doing our best to kill them off. In the last two winters, more than 200 have been gunned down from helicopters in the name of protecting caribou, which, of course, are popular with recreational hunters.

Environmentalists say the only proper way to save caribou herds is to protect them from resource industries like logging and mining.

By the way, BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is on record as supporting the wolf kill. How’s that for being green?

And, of course, a week can’t go by without something ridiculous happening in Washington. So, Donald Trump’s administration announced that restrictions on importing endangered African elephant trophies would be removed.

Thankfully, in the face of public outrage, the president quickly reversed course and put the decision on hold.

Like so many things in life, our treatment of other species is largely driven by economics. As long as there’s money involved, we’ll keep on killing them off.

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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – God should have picked somebody else to look after animals

  1. “Our Mother, who art in Heaven”
    Please correct the Lord Jesus when you see Him, Mel and Tony. Up until now I believed He was perfect.

  2. Thank you Mel for the article .I believe it to be comprehensive even down to the gender of the Diety. And to Mr Douglas in regards to the overall population of Grizzlies in BC.The number that the libs have been throwing around for years is an extrapolation of some very local studies done in the Kootinees and the extrapolated to the entire province.This is typical of that gov’t when they want it to appear that they have done some homework and make it apply to all of us.I’m surprised that they don’t tell us that the mountain caribou population is in the thousands or the Thompson river Steelhead are bountiful. It’s all done in the name of someone’s
    money or resource extraction application.
    Even the Kamloops naturalists club seems ready to believe the ficticious population numbers no do they believe that “Murder” is the right term when it comes to killing Grizzlies.
    Anyway I hope that folks will cease to believe the crap that comes from the various ministries if there is money involved.
    Thank you again
    signed Tony Brumell

  3. Actually, the 15,000 population number is a government “estimate”, and the BC Liberals kept hauling it out to “prove” the hunt was sustainable. Actual real grizzly bear scientists, not politicians who own interests in guide outfitting operations, say the actual number could be as low as half that number. They have begged the government to do exhaustive research to find out, and the BC Liberal Gov’t has always declined claiming confidence in their number estimate – which has shoddy methodology at best. Some scientists suspect the government did not want to to find out the inconvenient truth, especially after the BC Liberals received over $50,000 in political contributions in the last few years from Guide Outfitters.

    The hypocrisy of all this is underscored by the fact that BC is one of two provinces with no endangered species act and despite regulations that prevent hunting or harassing wildlife by aircraft and the prohibiting of poisoning wildlife, these are the cruel and idiotic methods the BC Gov’t chooses to cull wolves. They claim to cull wolves to protect the very endangered Woodland Caribou (not all caribou are endangered). But it is the forestry practises that destroyed the Woodland Caribou habitat that is causing the problem. Wolves are not. The logging of old growth forest right next to Wells Gray Park is a prime example of removing prime habitat for this animal.

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