BY-ELECTION: Candidate Nicholas Adams: a love of community service

Candidates in the Sept. 30 Kamloops civic by-election are invited to make submissions to on their platforms, biographical information, contact information or specific issues. Please keep them to 550 words or less. The following is from candidate for councillor Nicholas Adams.

Living in Kamloops for 24 years, I have gone to school and grown up here.

Residing in a variety of the communities that make up Kamloops, I have known and worked with the wide mix of people that make up our city.  Currently, I reside and work on the North Shore.  I have founded and run a couple businesses and nonprofits in Kamloops, working with many great people.

Nicholas Adams.

Growing up here, I was instilled with a love of community service.  I was able to see what our community gains from the hard-working men and women who volunteer their time to help us all flourish.

As an adult, I have continued to enjoy helping our community.  I am extremely proud to have been involved in the establishment of Kamloops Makerspace and Kamloops 4X4.  I have also had involvement in many other community groups and events.

In my endeavors, I have run into great administrative and regulatory burden.  These measures exist to protect us from those who may not have our communities best interest at heart.  They, unfortunately, affect those of us who do.

Future decisions need to keep in mind the barriers that they may present to those, who wish to create in our community, and may not have the resources needed to meet the requirements, necessary to regulate larger ventures.

I believe we should empower those tasked to administer our city the flexibility and accountability to use their judgment on basic matters and make the process for variances and exceptions less burdensome.

Chief among the problems Kamloops currently faces is housing and addiction.  Kamloops is fortunate to have passionate people aiming to assist those, who need it so much.  We need to support and aid those people and organizations.

We need to find solutions that work not only for those in need, but the people who surround them.  It is not us versus them in this, we are all in it together.  People need to feel safe and secure in our neighborhoods and commercial areas,  so they can continue to thrive.

Kamloops is home to many senior citizens.  Those who have grown and built our city from what it was, to what it is today.  They now face limited healthcare opportunities and transportation challenges.

I will work to improve our public transportation and attract much-needed doctors to our community.  So that our seniors may enjoy the retirement that they deserve.  These services are also vital to the families that will make up our future.

Around the world, we are becoming more aware of our impact on the planet.  We question the sustainability of our lifestyles and communities.

As we go in the future we need to ensure that we do so in practical and innovative ways.  I see the concerns and problems with our current recycling programs, however, believe that our focus should be waste reduction first.  Then to recycling programs with the most convenience to residents. This will ensure greater participation in recycling.

I have decided to run for City council because I would like to give back to our community.   Kamloops has offered me great opportunities and I would like to see our city continue to thrive.

I can be reached at (250) 320-1643 or  I am at most events or out in our community.  Please feel free to come say hello.  Learn more at or on facebook @buildkamloops.

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