McQUARRIE – Enough with the tired platitudes from council candidates

THE CITY’S BY-ELECTION is two and a half months away and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we won’t again be given Winnie The Pooh’s, Eeyore version of municipal politics.

By that I mean the tired old, slow and steady, let’s not rock the boat or make any hasty, let alone bold and innovative decisions.

Personally, I feel this attitude got us into the mess we are currently facing with Ajax.  The unwillingness or perhaps inability at the top to lead from the front, provide direction and dare I say, have opinions and goals, has contributed and even created much of the confusion, distrust and polarization that now exists.


Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

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11 Comments on McQUARRIE – Enough with the tired platitudes from council candidates

  1. So, Pierre, Cindy, can I come on this tour with you or at least join the 2 of you for a post tour recap and coffee?

    • The tour would be better. It will take us all day and a bit of hiking as soon as Kenna’s park is open again.

  2. Might I suggest Mr. McQuarrie that you run for city council, it would not be the first time that a journalist ran for public office in Kamloops. Most journalists tend to make excellent Councillors.

  3. Yes I do not see yet a bold enough candidate ready and willing to face senior staff and others on council to tell them some uncomfortable truths.
    The money wasting is continuing unabated on multiple fronts, in a myriad of ways. I couldn’t care less of the “ward system”…what we need is a “serious money management system”.
    I am in the private sector and I am increasingly disappointed in the way our city is run.

    • Cindy Ross Friedman // July 18, 2017 at 11:31 AM // Reply

      I will tell you an uncomfortable truth, Pierre. You have no evidence, no data, no references, and no hard facts for anything you are saying. You simply criticize and condemn. I have offered to meet with you so you can see how tough, driven, determined, and collaborative I am. You are simply spouting your opinions from the sidelines without real solutions. Have you combed the budget with an accountant? I have. Have you discussed the concerns of representation with people in Brock? I have. Did you know that the airport contract with YVR is opening from a brief time this summer, presenting an opportunity to allow new ideas, but that without someone to drive the process, the contract closes for five years at best, 20 at worst. I truly suggest you get behind me, because I can do this with heart and smarts. I welcome valid criticism. I am still awaiting this from you. I will never stop listening, but your unwillingness to see potential is not helping Kamloops. I will be at the Council meeting today. Identify yourself to me and let us talk.

      • Pure BS, Cindy Ross Friedman.
        You are the one spouting nonsense. I can take you to many places and show you real waste in real time. Of course an accountant will never see anything wrong in the “books”…no one is that dumb to cheat the “books”.
        From the downtown parking kiosks, to Venture Kamloops, to the urban landscape/forest, to even the way roads and buildings are built and maintained…there is a lot of waste and they stubbornly refuse to make improvements.

      • I am in the private sector and until it freezes I hope to stay busy…I don’t have a lot of time to meet at length. However please drop by my house one evening and let’s go for a walk…a discovery walk into waste and poor management.
        I live near Kenna’s park…plenty to see here.
        Then we could eventually go for another discovery walk in the downtown.

      • I see a lot of potential in Kamloops, including a welcoming airport with new clean chairs in the awaiting departures area and a weed-free, well-maintained landscape to welcome visitors and locals alike…but I think I must be the only one to see all that potential because it is disappointing you want to waste time and energy in something totally not needed like the “wards system”.
        If you ever take me on the “tours” invitation…

      • Cindy Ross Friedman // July 18, 2017 at 11:50 PM //

        @Pierre. Not a bad response! But no need to talk private versus public or imply that I don’t work (I am on vacation and plan an unpaid leave…hopefully for a year). Yup, I will take you up on your tour. I am not your average bear. Like I said, I like valid criticism, and if you have something to show me, I will absorb. I am very similar to Arjun Singh in listening style, but am also a lot tougher and bolder (he might be funnier, though). The Ward System, natch, is worth pondering in light of neglected citizens. There are some, I guarantee. Beverley Campbell: sorry to bloviate. I have a lot of ideas…always.

      • Mel Rothenburger // July 19, 2017 at 12:11 AM //

        You two are keeping me up past my bed time. 🙂

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