WHAT’S UP DOWNTOWN – The benefits of hydration during summer weather

Hydrating. (Image: CAP Team)

AS JENNY HAN once said, “[e]verything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

Yes, the summer season has finally arrived in the beautiful City of Kamloops. The sun is blooming, the grasses are green, and everyone is ready for an action-packed summer.

But, in the midst of all our summer fun here in Downtown Kamloops, we must remember the most important part, our bodies hydration. Yes, the level of hydration in our bodies could be the difference between having a good or a bad summers day.

If we take a deeper look inside the human body, we will learn that the average human is made up of more then 60 per cent water weight. This water helps regulate body temperature, cleanse toxins from the body, and lubricate joints.

With all this summer heat and the increase of outdoor activities, water loss and dehydration seems to be a popular issue effecting people all around, but do not feel alone. It is estimated that more than 75 per cent of all North Americans suffer from being chronically dehydrated. This means that over 400 million people daily are failing to meet the minimum intake of eight cups of water a day.

When a person becomes dehydrated, the symptoms associated are very easy to detect. Some early symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, increased thirst, urine volume becoming low and dark yellow in colour, headaches, and or dizziness.

Early stages of dehydration can be easily reversed by simply drinking fluids high in electrolytes and salts until water levels become stable once again. If left untreated at this early stage, moderate to severe symptoms may arise and medical treatment should be sought out immediately.

Tips to stay properly hydrated this summer are to drink at least eight cups of water a day, eat foods that contain high level of water such as cucumbers, celery, and tomatoes, and to participate in regular exercise as this promotes increased circulation throughout the body.

Kamloops summers are known to get very hot and taking care of our bodies hydration should be our number one priories while being out in the heat.

The CAP Team will be providing free water refills at our Visitor Info Center (340 Victoria Street) during our regular business hours! Just bring in your reusable water bottle and we will be glad to help you quench your thirst!

So, this summer lets all grab our water bottles, get hydrated, and have some fun in the sun!

Written by Jodhbir Kang from the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Information Kiosk at 250-572-3017. For business hours, please go to Email Follow on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops).

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