ROTHENBURGER – City council – throw the bums out, or steady as she goes?

Kamloops City council. Changes are coming.

CITY COUNCILS come in cycles, and Kamloops is about to start a new one.

Those cycles consist of long stretches of stability followed by dramatic change. The current stability has lasted almost 20 years, and it will end in 2018.

I define stability as minor turnover from one term to the next, with maybe a new mayor coming into a vacant chair, a vacant council seat or two being filled, and maybe an incumbent defeated.

Dramatic change comes in two ways: when there happens to be a lot of vacancies due to attrition, or when voters feel the need for a shake-up and say so with their ballots. The latter happens rarely because Kamloops voters are wary of major changes, which involves putting in office people they usually don’t know as well as the ones who are already there.

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Mel Rothenburger is a past mayor of Kamloops, former school board chair and former editor of The Kamloops Daily News. He is a recipient of the Jack Webster Foundation’s lifetime achievement award, among others. He can be contacted at

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4 Comments on ROTHENBURGER – City council – throw the bums out, or steady as she goes?

  1. Krueger should know lots about wine in grocery stores—he started that ball game by shutting down half the liquor stores in BC—can’t wait to ask him if there’s any chance he can get the liquor store back in Valleyview.

  2. -In my way of thinking: To have City vision, you’ll need a board with the following places designated to the table alongside members from Kamloops -from planning to City council: Sun Peaks; Tobiano; Pritchard and Savona, simply because these enclosed areas around Kamloops could nicely share in the growth/wealth/health of the City, under the vision beyond resource extraction, as a primary long-term investment of time and energy people are willing to expend on making the town vibrant.
    -Just a thought.

  3. Grouchy 1 // June 3, 2017 at 4:54 PM // Reply

    There need to be term limits for all members of council. Some have been there since the dinosaurs, and have made a career of being on council. How do we attract people with forward, fiscally conservative ideas to run for civic government ? People that will stand up to city staff, and make them give up on their grandiose ideas, and look after the day to day things, you know, let them know who drives the bus.

  4. How about a vision?
    It appears certain senior staff have their own “vision”…and like an owner holding a cookie bag, the pups (council) trot along obliviously happy…at least most of them.
    Consensus seeking?
    Community building?
    Yeah right…the movers & the shakers will sponsor the candidates most likely to upheld privileges and money-making momentum.
    Passion? Calling a spade a spade? You will never come to terms with that…or would you?
    I wonder if you will write another “ode to the chops” soon…

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