EDITORIAL – Kamloops is about to lose a lot of influence in Victoria

Terry Lake and Todd Stone were a powerful one-two punch for Kamloops in cabinet. (Mel Rothenburger file photo)

An Armchair Mayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

ALL THE bargaining and deal-making in Victoria is good entertainment but, in the end, what difference will it really make to us way up here in the hinterlands?

The answer is, quite a lot.

Think about it. Kamloops has enjoyed having one or more MLAs at the cabinet table for most of the past 65 years. It was only during the short-lived Dave Barrett NDP government of the early 1970s that Kamloops hasn’t had a presence on the executive council, and even then, our MLAs were at least members of the governing party.


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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – Kamloops is about to lose a lot of influence in Victoria

  1. check the numbers of your own poll question—that’ll tell you what people think of having no influence in cabinet—here we go—4 years of the sky is falling

  2. ajaxtoobigtooclose // May 31, 2017 at 12:28 PM // Reply

    I’m sure that what you are saying is true Mel, maybe in ways that are less than obvious.

    However, one could also suggest that having more influence over bad policy choices may not have been so good for us. For example, despite having a minister of health, the availability of family physicians has not improved. There was no significant constructive change in the model of medical services. Instead of money being spent on salaried medical centres, money was squandered on an unnecessary mega-project.

    Neither of the previous members of cabinet showed any chance of having a backbone to protect us from the proposed mine disaster next to Kamloops. Our ex-mayor never took a stand while mayor, and never would have stood up to the ex-premier.

    Less of a good thing may be better than more of something bad.

  3. – I just read your article in its entirety on ‘the other side.’ What is with you guys? Given that the Province is just off to the start, you’re running around exclaiming ‘the chicken mantra: ‘ Sky Falling In Aisle Two. Please Evacuate By The Rear Door. ‘ Etc. (You and Collins, whom promoting I know better than anyone else on this thing, even though he too has never really seen this before.) The style of this,, under democracy is different; the revenue streams created in the past do not all reflect the present changes in the world today and the way things are put to budget over time is different -as in need; scale and what is determined as progress for the province as a total income generator- and not everything is just towards the lower mainland. Yes, old political allegiances are closer to the ‘big winds’ equalling bigger pushes in their sails, so to speak, yet as well, each party will have to harness just what change the public has announced herein through this ‘voted for’ election…and that new platform doesn’t jive with old political methodologies, per se. If this _is_ true (what you are saying), AJAX will become a ‘sail through onto Kamloops,’ so to speak…and nobody -general populace in totality [for the future of Kamloops and its future potential- wants that either: just put it to a democratic vote and watch; then let the Province and Ottawa sign off on it.

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