McQUARRIE – Climate change, like a cancer, grows if we simply do nothing

(Image: Bill McQuarrie photo)

LAST WEEK I wrote about the choices we have between denial or acceptance of climate change.

In the comments that followed, those unable or unwilling to accept climate change focussed on the economic case as opposed to specific anti-science arguments.  A few more readers zeroed in on their distrust of big government, especially when it came to carbon taxes.

Perhaps in some respects, the denial or distrust approach is not unreasonable as the fear of lost jobs or higher taxes is a powerful motivator.

I understand those concerns yet remain somewhat puzzled, as denial will not stop anything and may in fact speed things up, creating real financial havoc in the process.

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.


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