ELECTION – NDP promises action on walk-ins with ‘urgent care centres’

Waiting at the walk-in. (Image: File photo, Nancy Bepple)

The BC NDP would set up a system of “urgent care centres” to address the problem of walk-in clinic wait times if the party forms the next government, the two Kamloops candidates said today (April 17, 2017).

Nancy Bepple and Barb Nederpel said the planned urgent care centres would be a team-based approach to health care, involving front-line providers including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health workers and others.

“Whether waiting in line for a walk-in clinic or waiting for treatment in an emergency room, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have failed to meet the health needs of people in Kamloops,” said Nederpel, the NDP candidate for Kamloops-North Thompson.

“People in Kamloops who have no doctor are telling me this is the kind of action they expect from a John Horgan NDP government.”

Bepple, the candidate in Kamloops-South Thompson, said the clinics would be open evenings and weekends and could handle issues like broken bones, burns and other non-emergency care that walk-in clinics can’t.

“This is a great plan to tackle walk-in clinic waits, and relieve pressure on our emergency rooms.”

She said the plan is part of the NDP’s commitment to improve services.  “Instead of Christy Clark’s tax breaks for the richest two per cent in B.C., we’ll put that money to work keeping people in Kamloops healthy and well over the long term.”

…. in Victoria, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver unveiled the party’s platform on economic reform.  He said the platform consists of four planks: political finance reform, lobbying reform, electoral reform and transparency and accountability. It includes commitments to:


  • Establish a public watchdog to oversee government advertising and communications;

  • Prohibit cabinet ministers from engaging in partisan fundraising activities;

  • Impose a multi-year prohibition on lobbying for former senior public office holders;

  • Introduce proportional representation;

  • Ban corporate, union and out-of-province donations and place limits on individual contributions that are in-line with current federal limits;

  • Establish a Provincial Budget Officer to provide independent and objective analysis to the Legislative Assembly on the state of the province’s finances, the government’s estimates and economic trends.



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3 Comments on ELECTION – NDP promises action on walk-ins with ‘urgent care centres’

  1. Tricia Sullivan // April 17, 2017 at 5:30 PM // Reply

    I agree totally… good words to follow.

  2. As Terry Lakes Tweeted to Nancy Bepple “Nancy, do you ever consider people’s privacy when you are sensationalizing?” He was referring to a picture of people lining up at the walk in clinic.
    It would be sensational if all people had a family Doctor.

  3. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    This is not an approach to ‘fixing’ the doctor shortage, that everyone fully knows is needed. We don’t need Urgent Care Clinics, we need doctors, both walk in and family practice … full stop.

    What is actually needed are places to take non emergent problems to; like the sniffling kid, prescription repeats, injury or illness post care, referrals, medical exams and consults. The stuff that your average family needs on an ongoing basis, that today is being handled in Emergency as people have no choice.

    The NDP’s focus on multidisciplinary teams in Urgent Care clinics, misses the mark entirely. These types of clinics cost far more as they need to be staffed and equipped at a level that is beyond the average clinic or doctor visit need. That’s not to say that these multidisciplinary teams can not be a part of the solution, as they do have a roll regarding complex care and extended care considering our aging baby boomer population, but not in the Urgent Care model. Thats throwing a diamond in the fire, when coal will work better and cheaper.

    That is not to say that our present government has managed this problem at all under their tutelage, as we can count how many doctors and clinics have closed down during their reign and doctors moving to more fertile grounds. Neither leading party is willing to make the long term investment that would result in doctors staying and working in Kamloops in clinic or family practice, as this type of investment goes far beyond the election cycle and politicians calendars only go for 4 years. Much of the real money to improve the system is only available after 3 years anyway, as a way to get votes for the next cycle.

    Long term fixes are needed, here’s an idea;

    Simple; Contract with medical students. Pay for their school, that’s right, outright pay for it.
    Then contract them to stay in communities like ours, where there is a shortage of doctors and make them work here for 10 years at a pay scale that allows them to live reasonably well, and pay off their interest free debt.
    What do you get?
    – Doctors take 10 years+ to pay off medical school anyways, more for specialties.
    – People (including doctors) who are forced to stay in a place for a decade, tend to remain there, after the contract expires as they have become part of the larger community. Less running away.
    – The community enjoys an influx of doctors, with a guarantee of more coming in the future.
    – As its a loan for trade deal, it doesn’t end up costing the system much in the very long term, when compared to emergency visits and the huge costs associated with how care is presently given.

    NDP’s Urgent Care idea? Really? They might want to actually talk to people that live here and figure out whats actually needed. All they are doing here is adding to the problem.

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