FORSETH – Shedding some light on those other B.C. political parties

Michael Henshall, former B.C. Conservative candidate, now Social Credit candidate.

EVERYONE is covering the main political parties in B.C. (ie: B.C. Liberals, B.C. NDP, B.C. Green Party), so I thought I would take a moment to shed some light on the B.C. Conservative Party … B.C. First … and YES, the Social Credit Party.

First to the B.C. Conservative Party for a moment.

Nels Harrington, who was running for the party in the riding of Vernon Monashee announced he is dropping out of the race due to an unexpected increase in work commitments.  Harrington’s campaign manager was to have been Scott Anderson.  Anderson was the Conservative candidate for the riding in the 2013 election; he placed third on election day winning a respectable 11.75 per cent of votes cast.

As for another former 2013 B.C. Conservative candidate (Chilliwack – Hope riding), Michael Henshall has confirmed to me that he will be running for the B.C. Social Credit Party in the riding of Fraser Nicola.  That will pit him up against current B.C. Liberal incumbent Jackie Tegart … and former NDP MLA Harry Lali.

I was actually surprised to learn the Social Credit Party is still registered, however a quick look on the Elections B.C. website indicated that indeed they are.

“The problem now facing us is many British Columbians are not able to afford the bed they are sleeping in”

Henshall is definitely up against some stiff competition, but as a former candidate for the B.C. Conservative Party, he’ll know what it’s like to be a underdog. Still, on Facebook yesterday (April 13, 2017) morning, in response to someone saying Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals should take credit for their victories, he stated:

Could you explain some of those victories?

“If inflation wasn’t running so hot in real estate in B.C. you would see the provincial economy go into a downward tailspin that would blow your mind. Trudeau and Clark are loving the inflation with the #1 revenue source last year being the Property Transfer Tax.

“The problem now facing us is many British Columbians are not able to afford the bed they are sleeping in.”

Commenting to me, Henshall stated:

Many British Columbian businesses in the resource sector are looking South of the 49th due to less regulation and lower taxation. I am concerned that the policies of  the Greens’, the NDP, and the B.C. Liberals are going to export these jobs that provide a foundation for a healthy economy. 

“Those three parties are not considering the basics for a healthy economy but are depending on the ‘Property Purchase Tax’ that has become the ‘cash cow’ for the provincial government.

Meantime, what’s new with John Twigg?  A media release from him very early (gahwk … 1:09 a.m.) said he would be in Victoria Thursday afternoon (April 13, 2017) to meet, and speak with, the media.

The event was to follow Mr. Vetro’s formal transfer of the party leadership to Mr. Twigg, who until recently was volunteering as Director of Policy and Communications for the B.C. Conservative Party.

Regarding his departure, Twigg stated, “I decided to change parties when it became apparent that the B.C. Conservatives were not going to enable me to advance my policy package of about 50 major innovative reforms and that was regardless of whether or not they named me interim leader.”

This is actually an interesting comment, made regarding the position of interim leader.  I say this because last Friday evening when I spoke with John, he indicated that his leaving came about that day at noon … and that:

“… I am not at liberty to tell you what the party’s plans may or may not be regarding an interim leader even if I knew what they are, which I do know but only slightly. You will have to ask someone who knows and has authority to speak.”

So … was he, or was he not, to have been appointed leader by B.C. Conservative Party President Corbin Mitchell?  No one wants to say anything, and when I mentioned that reading between the lines it appeared Twigg was about to be announced as the interim leader early last week, I was told “re: the leadership issues – it was an internal matter.

Twigg will now be running for B.C. First in the Vancouver Island riding of North Island riding; his campaign office will be in Campbell River.

Stay tuned … it’s going to be an exciting riding to May 9, and election day.

That’s it for now.  From Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada, the B.C. Reform Party and the B.C. Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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1 Comment on FORSETH – Shedding some light on those other B.C. political parties

  1. Good column, all comes down to the same situation, let’s take care of various levels of wealthy people, various levels of the middle class and by all means let’s forget about the seniors and the poor. I don’t in my humble opinion see anyone looking out the interests of the seniors and the poor, yup, lets talk about them during the election and then after they have voted for us, we must forget all about them.

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