EDITORIAL – Come on, let’s admit we get a kick out of those attack ads

Conservatives later admitted the puffin ad was a little harsh.

An Armchair Mayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

FELLOW COLUMNIST Doug Collins wrote this week that he doesn’t think much of political attack ads.

That’s one man’s opinion, and many would agree, but I’m here to suggest it’s not the majority view.

Thing is, attack ads work. If they didn’t work, politicians wouldn’t use them. And they work because they influence how we vote.

For years, the federal Conservatives were masters of attack advertising, slaying Liberal leader after Liberal leader — remember when Michael Ignatieff was “just visiting,” and when a puffin pooped on Stéphane Dion’s shoulder?

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1 Comment on EDITORIAL – Come on, let’s admit we get a kick out of those attack ads

    ~-True story: I’m in Grade 5 and this teacher sort doesn’t like me, as he had a bad way of just not taking to certain students, so in order to refresh the academic relationship I find out he is in charge of the track and field for the School ‘Participaction Day,’ whereby you get the day off in school to attend the entire school’s outdoor events.
    -I go to this guy Gord -whom is almost brittle thin; lippy; brash, yet can run like nobody’s business in sprints and 400; I had found out they need a long distance guy of 1600 (four times the average track) and so I convince him that because I live quite a way’s away from the school that I run the distance quite often and am up for par for the task of fitting the teacher’s roster (he’s been trying to get someone for that spot for some time…).
    -So Gord hustles me over to see McTeach during recess and explains in more detail than I would even have bothered why I am candidate ‘numero uno’ for the long distance ‘lung shaft’ department and…I get the job; although… ‘Teach’ there looks kinda skeptical as I am much ‘poundier’ than Gord and I only play on defense in the official school soccer team for my grade. [Gord had this look too when I was exclaiming my running to and fro from the house to school -like, “What kid would run to get to school” look. !]
    -Two day’s later on the Friday Event day I get my track number -put it on- and I feel constantly like I gotta pee (twitchy), because I know (“for sure SURE”) that I can’t imagine what this is going to be like, but hey, ‘good graces and all’ maybe it won’t be that bad.
    McTeach is there; I line up with the rest, jockeying for the front with the rest of the sweatin’-fartin’ crew and the whistle goes off.
    I bolt out onto the course with the others and as we get to the first corner I feel one of my lungs -sort of- feel like it has spit out of my chest cavity and I quite literally gasp for non-existent air and just fall over (again I’m twitchy, but for a different reason). McTeach and some others come bolting over and I’m looking at the sky, heaving: “Are you Ok; are you ok?” They then pull me up and I’m still winded; hands on my knees…but moreso so I won’t have to look at McTeach and the fact that Gord also has appeared!
    Gord, being now exasperated, starts frantically exclaiming that “he said he could do this; he said he could this,” whereby, I take off the number, throw it down and and turn and walk away -not looking back as Gord is going on and on with McTeach. I didn’t see McTeach’s reaction.
    -McTeach, on another occasion, had me kicked out of school for a day on some other ‘charge’ [minor]… Yet I know it was about trying to take on a task suited for some brittle looking kid that looked like he could outrace a gazelle in a forty. He also transferred me over to the other grade five teacher, whom was pretty cool…so I guess it worked out in the end.

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