McQUARRIE – Being a self-directed voter and getting the facts is easy

Would you buy this car without checking under the hood? (Image: Scott Umstattd, Creative Commons)

QUITE OFTEN, after writing a column about the foibles of a particular political party (more often than not the B.C. Liberals simply because they provide a wealth of column worthy material) I see a comment that goes something like…

“I agree they are not the best and have their faults but given the alternative, I’ll hold my nose and vote for those Liberals.”

Or another favourite, “Look what they (being the NDP) did the last time they were government!  We can’t afford that again.”

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.


1 Comment on McQUARRIE – Being a self-directed voter and getting the facts is easy

  1. “Does Zoning Even Matter in Kamloops?”
    By Kamloops This Week – April 5, 2017
    Sometimes elected officials forget they are elected to represent the people who pay them with hard-earned tax dollars.
    Regarding the 2400-block of Ord Road, the owner knows the land is zoned as open space (OS).
    The only uses permitted in OS-zoned land are parks, passive recreation and municipal utility installations in accordance with zoning bylaw No. 5-1-2001.
    There have been many letters of complaint since city council approved this zoning.
    Initially, it was being used as a storage junkyard, which was to be removed within a month.
    More than a year later, it was removed, but shortly thereafter was replaced with a steel box, utility trailers and parked vehicles.
    The earth was moved for access and parking.
    The hill continues to be dug out for purposes not related to parkland.
    Although zoning bylaw officers are quick to act if your water is running, your garbage is put out too early, your dog escapes or your urban chickens are running wild, they bow their heads for some reason with respect to this issue.
    I think it is time for a change at city hall.
    Council overspends, raises user fees and now plans to raise taxes.
    Council generally has no interest in the OS zoning on Ord Road.
    I think city councillors are bored to death and tired of listening to the general populace.
    If this is the case, perhaps they should take a break and use their talents elsewhere.
    -B. Brown
, Kamloops

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