FEATURED COMMENT – Some thoughts on our B.C. political options

Greens will split the vote, says reader Lawrence Beaton.

Re: “Provincial Pulse – B.C. Liberal economic message resonates”

As said before, let’s elect the provincial NDP to power and see how tremendous they and their leader are.

Only problem might be that we don’t know a lot about their platform. Their past might come back to haunt them. People might want to look next door to see how the provincial NDP have been received since they were elected to power. What have they accomplished since their election?

Look elsewhere across Canada to see how they have run provincial economies. Major problem with the Liberals outside of their excess baggage might be the fact that they are learning to take the electorate for granted.

Lastly, I agree that the environment is a key platform for the Green Party of B.C. I see that the problem with the Green Party as being a party that will split the vote in many key ridings across the province. Just a few thoughts.


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5 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Some thoughts on our B.C. political options

  1. The intriguing thing about the “split the vote” rhetoric is that when you look at the data (locally AND provincially) the BC Liberals do worse when the BC greens are at the table.

    Vote splitting is a fear based campaign tactic. We’ve seen it from the NDP before, you’d think they would learn from their past mistakes.

    This is going to be a tight 3 way race in Kamloops North and South. The BC greens could well win one, or both seats.

  2. Thanks Cara, me too. There are many disappointed Liberal and NDP voters out there who have decided to vote with their heart instead on 9 May.

  3. I think you are right LB. Voting for the Greens will split the vote, and give the Liberals another term. The last time the NDP were in power in BC was not bad at all. They even left a huge surplus, which Campbell wasted in no time flat. Their history, compared with the Liberals, was very good. i honestly don’t think that the Greens are ready for prime time yet.

    • -Prime Time…That’s humorous Grouchy 1; I chuckle when I think we are only electing people to fill our entertainment value (er, time slot) when it comes to serving the people of ‘Lotusland’ overall. Ha !

      Turn on; Tune in and laugh with the audio track in the background…Something which maybe the Legislative channel should have when the Legislature is in daily session. -Not slapstick comedy, but yet quick witted humour fitting our prime time fill from the politic seats in Victoria; covered entirely with a guffaw audio track, heightening our tv. sensibilities.

      -I know what you meant I couldn’t resist though…

  4. For the first time, I will support the Greens this year. I want to vote for something, and they are the only party who stands for what I believe.

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