FORSETH – Will B.C. Liberals please tell us in plain language how they justify advertising campaign?

WHEN A POLITICAL party has been in power as long as the B.C. Liberals have been, I think it is safe to say those at the top begin to worry about how long they can stay there. After all, everything should / does have a best before date.

So do the Christy Clark B.C. Liberals really care about British Columbians?

Some, perhaps, would say “No, not really.” Except to the extent that they can fleece us of our hard earned pay, and then spin it into self-congratulatory advertising to let us know about how wonderful they… oops, I mean the government is.

Again, some perhaps would wonder if there is any other way to look at the situation, other than to say that our hard-earned money is being wasted by the government for self-congratulatory advertising.

My disappointment for the questionable way they bombard us with advertising, which anyone could easily mistake for a Liberal campaign ad, knows no bounds. It’s our money after all.

Is it a flagrant disregard for everything, and anything, that nearly all would consider right, fair, and honorable?

Let me say this… if this is how low the B.C. Liberals have decided it’s safe for them to stoop, then perhaps it justly is time for them to go. That they can, and are able to, get away with this shows what I believe to be misguided judgement on what is right and wrong.

Why do I feel comfortable saying this?

Well, first of all I have previously said this kind of advertising is wrong, very wrong, on several occasions in social media. It comes from other quarters as well, including (over numerous years — just do a Google search) the Vancouver Sun, the Province newspaper, Huffington Post, Business in Vancouver, and not unexpectedly, we also have this Feb. 28 column from the Tyee:

B.C.’s auditor general told the government to stop it (partisan ads) three years ago, and to establish clear rules to end partisan ads.

“It is a generally agreed upon principle that government should not use its position of influence or public funds and resources to support an electoral campaign,” the 2014 report said. “Government spends public money to inform taxpayers about its programs, but citizens should not pay for communications that are of a partisan political nature.”

So what do we see (yes, quite literally see) the B.C. Liberals, led by Madame Christy Clark do?

They double down on the advertising budget to spend prior to the May 9 provincial general election. Advertising that many, including B.C. Liberal supporters I am sure, would say is questionable — at least in the way it is presented.

With that in mind, here is a question for the B.C. Liberal Party; “What do you have to say about this? And please answer in plain speak, not political jargon.”

I doubt very much I’ll get an answer … however, if I do, you can count on me presenting it here for you.

I always appreciate hearing what you think and have to say, so please feel free to share your thoughts.

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada, the B.C. Reform Party and the B.C. Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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2 Comments on FORSETH – Will B.C. Liberals please tell us in plain language how they justify advertising campaign?

  1. Yesterday evening the TV news dug up a clip of Christy Clark in full rant mode, berating the NDP about their self-serving TV advertisements… about 18 years ago. The lesson to be learned? Burning taxpayer money to applaud your partisan achievements is absolutely acceptable practice – so long as you’re the party in power…

    But surely we all knew this already?

  2. It has been told the economy is doing well, (mostly because of money from rich Chinese polluters buying up overvalued properties and causing enough of a snowball effect, but I digress)
    hence it (advertising with our dollars for their gain) is a fully justified faux-pas.
    Do not forget their gains are our gains too…not everyone has to agree, just the relative majority.

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