FEATURED COMMENT – Too many voters know too little about politics

Re: ‘Why term limits are worth considering’

Too many eligible voters can’t be bothered to get their butts off the couch on voting day and sadly know little to nothing about the politics that rule their lives in every way from how much money they earn, or how much social assistance they get if they won’t or can’t work, how much they pay for food and rent and mortgages, how much it costs for gas or the bus, the list goes on and on.

So maybe a term limit is something to think about; sometimes change is exactly what’s required to fix a problem.



One comment

  1. I firmly believe that a 2 term limit should be imposed. That term includes the municipal level. We should have had new blood at City Hall by now instead of seeing incumbents occupying the chairs.

    Also, I believe that the picture for politicians gets blurred if their win is based primarily upon spending the most to get elected. The average working person plus people who live on fixed income are not on the same playing field as a wealthy person who is serving in office. Case in point is the refusal of our City’s Mayor and council to address the spending habits of the City.
    Individuals have no choice in cutting back and making tough choices in spending money for the necessities of life.

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